STATE OF WYOMING) )ss: COUNTY OF LARAMIE) IN THE DISTRICT COURT) FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT) IN RE: ) THE HEIRS OF THE ESTATE) OF ROY H. TOWNS)Docket No. 48-890) NOTICE OF PETITION FOR DECREE GRANTING DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIP AND INTERESTS IN LAND TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN SAID ESTATES: 1.YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that on the 7th day of January, 2020, a Petition for Determination of Heirship and Interests in Land was submitted to the above-named Court by FTC, LLC, Lost River Trading Company, LLC and Arbor Mineral Company, LLC (hereinafter referred to as Petitioners), seeking a determination of the heirship and interests in real property of the heirs of Roy H. Towns (Decedent), who died intestate on April 1964. The Petition seeks the distribution of the Decedents interests in the oil, gas and other minerals underlying certain property located in Laramie County, State of Wyoming, to wit: Township 16 North, Range 63 West, 6th P.M. Section 28: E1/2NW1/4, NW1/4NW1/4, SW1/4NW1/4 Containing 160.00 net mineral acres, more or less Hereinafter referred to as the Mineral Estate 2.Petitioners and the other heirs of Decedent are entitled to delivery of the above-described mineral property pursuant to Wyo. Stat. 2-4-101, et. seq. 3.Any persons having an interest in the above property or estates are hereby given notice that such Petition for Determination of Heirship and Interests in Land is pending and may be considered by the above-named Court at any time following four weeks from the date of first publication hereof. A hearing has been set before the Court on the 25th day of February 2020 at 8:30 a.m. Any interest not asserted or filed will be forever barred. If the facts as stated in the Petition are not in dispute, the Court will enter a decree and order establishing right and title to the above-described property of the estate of Decedent. DATED this 16th day of January 2020. /s/ Lucas Buckley Lucas Buckley #6-3997 Jeremiah James, #7-5899 Hathaway & Kunz, LLP P. O. Box 1208 Cheyenne, WY 82003-1208 (307) 634-7723 - Phone (307) 634-0985 - Fax ATTORNEYS FOR PETITIONERS January 21, 28, and February 4, 11, 2020 NO. 182621


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