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Friday, June 11


$10 registration fee per walking pair

First 250 to register will receive a Step Pup bandana and pedometer for their pet


Wednesday, June 16
5 week Wellness Challenge


Wednesday, July 21

 the challenge


About Step Pup

After a year of so much isolation, it is time to get outdoors and explore new places. This challenge is focused on the wellness of the dogs in our lives. They provide companionship and are key members of the family.

The 5-week challenge is based on walking with our pets. Janessa Washburn, Cheyenne Dog Food Company owner, tells us that dogs love to explore new places and they look forward to walks. Many people are returning to work sites and our dogs may be missing the time together. Fun walks will contribute to the mental and physical wellness of our loved pets.

Paul Washburn, HMI supports this wellness challenge because there are positive benefits for the dog and their walking partner. No matter the distance, walking is great for everybody.

Our dogs mean so much to us and their care ranges from wellness visits to more complex care. Anthony Ortiz is an avid pet owner. He is pleased to share, pet owners can now secure pet insurance through his office -State Farm Anthony Ortiz.

A special Step Pup bandana has been created by Trophy Creative for your dog to wear during challenge walks. Our community will easily identify each Step Pup.

 Take a selfie with your dog!

We have mapped out 9 key Selfie Site locations.

We challenge participants to visit each site and take fun photos to share via Facebook Find them using the map below!

Make sure to set the photo to Public so we can find it!

Use the complimentary pedometer to count your pets’ steps and strive to increase the count over the 5 weeks. Download the Step Pup Wellness Challenge Journal to document your visits to the Selfie Sites.

A special pet tribute webpage has been created. It is dedicated to Those We Have Loved, and Lost.

Use #devotedfriend2021 to share special photos on Facebook of your devoted pets. The photos will be collected and placed on the Step Pup Wellness Challenge Devoted Friend tribute page.

Registration packets will be mailed to the first 250 participants.

As a courtesy to all who enjoy the walking sites, please collect, and dispose of all pet droppings during your visit.

The Categories

  • Large Breeds & Adults


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  • Small Breeds & Puppies


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  • Seniors


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  • Rescues


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  • Devoted Friends Memorials


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 Selfie Sites

We have mapped out 9 key Selfie Site locations. Three are at sponsor sites. We selected six sites along the Greater Cheyenne Greenway system to join the celebration of its 30th Anniversary. Jim Walter, Greater Cheyenne Greenway Foundation president, encourages Step Pup Wellness Challenge participants to come out and enjoy the Greater Cheyenne Greenway system.

We challenge participants to visit each site and take fun photos to share via Facebook. Special banners have been created by Trophy Creative to pinpoint the site and serve as a beautiful backdrop for your photo. Use the hashtag paired with your pet registration category. This will allow us to collect the photos and place them on the Step Pup website.

Make sure your photo is set to Public so we can find it!


Click on any location below to get directions.

Greenbelt Selfie Sites

  1. Sunrise Park, Sun Valley
  2. Romero Park
  3. Lyons Park
  4. Mylar Park
  5. North Cheyenne
  6. Dry Creek

Sponsoring Business Selfie Sites

  1. Cheyenne Dog Food Company
  2. Trophy Creative
  3. State Farm Insurance - Anthony Ortiz
You can use the Step Pup Wellness Challenge Journal to keep track!