It’s time to reopen schools. It is essential, in every measure (learning, mental and physical health, social skills), that students go back into the classroom full-time, along with sports and extracurricular activities.

Since the beginning of the "pandemic," the constantly changing opinions of so-called experts have been frustrating, to say the least. Recent observations, after four months of collating data, should alleviate concerns about in-person learning:

1. Asymptomatic transmission is not impossible, but is highly unlikely (CDC statement).

2. Transmission of the virus from surfaces is practically zero (CDC statement).

3. Children, particularly under age 16, are unlikely to contract the virus (measured data).

4. The few children who contract the virus have little or no serious effects (measured data).

5. The rate of child-to-adult transmission is almost nonexistent (measured data).

6. There is not one case of student-to-teacher transmission of the virus worldwide (measured data).

Keeping schools closed, establishing guidelines/requirements that make opening impossible, or extremely difficult and expensive, is advocated by a cabal that doesn’t care how it affects students; the Democrats, who want to keep chaos and turmoil until the election and, unfortunately, teachers unions using it to increase funding.

There are teachers, supported by their local and national unions that refuse to go back into the classroom unless their safety can be assured (which they will never agree upon). The United Teachers of Los Angeles have refused to return unless we have Medicare for all, the police are defunded and charter schools are closed.

One school superintendent stated school could not reopen until there was a vaccine, which could be six months or years from now or never (a vaccine for the coronavirus SARS was never found).

The health, emotional and physical well-being of students should be the districts’ only concern. To the teachers, I say, if you are older and afraid to go into the classroom, retire; if you are just starting out but are afraid to interact with students, find another career; if you are a union or political hack, putting students last, you should be fired.

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