As I approach 80, most folks will write me off and say "Dream on!"

The question government is expected to answer is how to hold the economy together while solving this COVID-19 crisis. To this end, we have already committed $3 trillion that we do not have, and we appear ready to spend several more trillion in further stop-gap solutions.

There was a successful lesson we learned during the Great Depression. While it was far from perfect, government put people to work rebuilding this country. People were employed, gained new skills, maintained dignity and the hope for a better future.

Today, with 18 million out of work, if government hired every person that is able-bodied, they could work beginning tomorrow, solving COVID, addressing our expanded education needs and rebuilding our infrastructure.

Government would pay a living wage. which for a family of four would be $58,000 per year. The estimated cost would be about $1 trillion a year. This is far less than what we have already spent in piecemeal solutions!

Further, with families earning a living wage, the hundreds of billions currently paying for the existing safety net would go away, because by earning a living wage would no longer require the existing programs.

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