Mother Nature is implacable, relentless and persistent. Nature follows a strict and unalterable set of rules. No matter our political leanings or other agenda, Mother Nature treats us all the same.

Fortunately, when we learn the rules and apply them, we can foretell the way events will unfold, by applying the laws of nature. In Michael Kassel’s excellent article in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle (April 22), he delineated what happened in Cheyenne during the 1918 epidemic when folks decided that the quarantine was just too much trouble and lived like the disease did not exist.

More recently, we watched the COVID-19 tragedy unfold in Italy, and we watched how it was mitigated. We watched the tragedy unfold in New York, and we watched how it was mitigated. New York was extremely interesting, because data there clearly demonstrated the value of masks in slowing the transmission of the disease.

However, across the nation, we somehow assumed that we could bend Mother Nature to our will and wish the epidemic out of existence. The inevitable result, predicted accurately by the scientists, is that the virus came roaring back as soon as people got within close proximity of each other without protection.

Panic stricken politicians who were sure there was no such thing as COVID-19 two weeks ago are reversing course, shutting down economies again and begging people to wear masks – in contrast to a sensible approach to reopening carefully, with masks, social distancing, testing and tracing.

Unfortunately, this panicked reclosing is too late. The horse is already out of the barn. The unfortunate souls who will die in August will die because of a stupid decision someone made yesterday. As written thousands of years ago, “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind” (Hosea 8-7).

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