The numbers below, updated daily, represent: the current number of active cases of COVID-19; the total number of cases (number of laboratory confirmed cases/probable cases); the number of people who have recovered (lab confirmed/probable); and the number of deaths. (Note: Numbers in parentheses with a plus or minus sign indicates the amount of change from the previous day; no plus or minus means the number is unchanged)

These totals are as of 3 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 6:

Laramie County: 94 (-2) active cases; 492 (+3) total cases (346 (+3) lab confirmed/146 probable); 396 (+5) people have recovered (280 (+4) lab confirmed/116 (+1) probable); 3 deaths

Wyoming: 567 (-8) active cases; 2,958 (+35) total cases (2,449 (+25) lab confirmed/509 (+10) probable); 2,366 (+43) people have recovered (1,969 (+32) lab confirmed/397 (+11) probable); 27 deaths

Tests completed at Wyoming Public Health Laboratory: 41,990

Tests reported by commercial labs: 39,912 (Commercial labs are required to report positive test results to WDH; negative results are not reported consistently.)

Although 27 Wyoming residents have died as a result of the virus, two of those patients were living in Colorado at the time they were diagnosed with the illness, and they were not counted as confirmed cases in Wyoming. One of these patients was from Laramie County.

Source: Wyoming Department of Health

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