CHEYENNE – Wyoming Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael K. Davis on Friday entered the Seventh Order Amending March 18, 2020 Temporary Plan to Address Health Risks Posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, suspending jury trials until further notice.

Wyoming trial courts had restarted jury trials in August on a limited basis. Recent dramatic increases in COVID-19 cases throughout Wyoming have caused the full or partial shutdown of courts, and made it difficult to get sufficient jurors. The court is therefore implementing measures to protect the health of the public and court personnel throughout Wyoming, while still permitting essential functions to proceed in a timely manner.

Other court proceedings will continue to be held. The order provides for in-person proceedings in certain specified circumstances where required by law and the constitution. Judges are encouraged to use video or telephone conferencing to the extent possible. In addition, this order continues to permit felony sentencing and evidentiary probation revocation proceedings to be conducted via videoconferencing, if the defendant consents.

The full order extending, as well as the original orders, can be found on the court’s website,

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