Merritt Wever, left, and Toni Collette in "Unbelievable." Netflix/courtesy 

Saying Merritt Wever delivers a tremendous performance in the Netflix limited series "Unbelievable" is pretty much like saying Merritt Wever stars in the Netflix limited series "Unbelievable." In other words, obvious.

I'm sure Wever has had roles she could not quite make come alive with her magnetic low-boil vitality, but I've never seen any of them. Her characters on "Nurse Jackie," "The Walking Dead," "Godless" and even "The New Girl" inevitably steal, albeit quietly and kindly, every scene with neither showiness nor regret. Wever is a sidelong kind of performer, one who always appears to be on the fringe of the action even when she's not, listening and watching, kicking dirt or doing whatever business is required and speaking in deceptively low tones; most of the time, you do not realize you are completely riveted by her until she's gone, leaving behind a breathless vacuum.

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