A man begins cleaning up Canon Avenue in Manitou Springs, Colorado, after a flash flood burst through a manhole and sent water rushing down the streets on Sept. 12, 2013. Colorado Springs Gazette/courtesy

This year might seem like a wild weather year for Colorado (just look at these headlines: Bomb cyclone strands 1,000-plus drivers; Vehicles engulfed by avalanche on interstate; Drought 2nd worst in 124 years; High-altitude tornado destroys multiple homes; Mudslide closes I-70 exit; 16 inches of hail shuts down state park; Flooding prompts evacuation of homes; Lightning strikes multiple people at climbing area), but it’s nothing compared to the entire decade. The National Weather Service recently released a list of the 12 wildest weather moments from 2009 to 2019. They were voted on by the staff of the three National Weather Service branches in Colorado – Boulder, Pueblo and Grand Junction.

Here are the final results:

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