The Oscar nominations are sneaking up on us early this year: The list will be announced bright and early on Monday (that’s approximately 5:35 a.m. on the West Coast, for you completists). As always, many questions await: Will “Parasite” be nominated for both best picture and best foreign language film? (Probably.) Will “Little Women” suffer from a reported lack of enthusiasm from male Academy voters? (Maybe, but I hope not.) Will voters remember Lupita Nyong’o’s ferociously great performance in “Us,” from all the way back in last March? (They’d better.)

As we await the nominations – and the awards themselves, coming Sunday, Feb. 9 – here’s a look at what we might see in the main categories, in the categories of sure things, strong possibilities, long shots, and my vote (if I had one). And let’s toss in one key question per category.

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