Lizzo accepts her award for Top Sales Artist during the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Los Angeles Times/courtesy

Thank goodness David Letterman isn’t taking retirement too seriously. In one of four new episodes of “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” premiering Wednesday on Netflix, 73-year-old established legend Letterman sits down with 32-year-old future legend Lizzo in one of the most spirited, revealing interviews of her burgeoning career. The chat includes plenty about her time in Minneapolis, including an anecdote about her last time with Prince in which her mentor started crying after playing for her his piano version of “Purple Rain.”

Overall, she has nice things to say about her six years in the Twin Cities, though she practically shivers when the topic of winter comes up.

“Minneapolis has to have something magnetic about it for me to brave that cold,” says the rapper, who grew up in Detroit and Houston.

Later in the interview, Letterman marvels over Lizzo’s collection of crystals and flutes with the kind of genuine interest he rarely displayed during his network TV days. Part of the Letterman allure back then was his disinterest in the guests. That attitude made for great comedy, but weak banter.

Now, with more time and less pressure, Letterman is 100% present, playing the role of superfan without morphing into Jimmy Fallon.

At Lizzo’s house, he agrees to lay down a rap track with Lizzo playing engineer.

It’s a song that won’t be crawling up the pop charts, but Letterman fans will consider it one of his greatest hits.

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