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A space at the corner of Third Street and Grand Avenue, the longtime home of Grand Avenue Pizza, will soon open as Accomplice Micropub and the Good Egg, serving a variety of foods and craft brews.

Conner Hotel building co-owner J.T. Walsch said after Grand Avenue Pizza left his building last spring, he and the building’s other co-owners looked hard to find the perfect tenants to take over and revitalize the corner of Third Street and Grand Avenue.

Renovations are now underway as new tenants Accomplice Micropub and The Good Egg prepare to open their doors at the location later this fall, likely the first week of October.

The name may sound familiar — Accomplice Brewing Company has been set up in Cheyenne since 2016, and the beer has been served at the Wyoming Rib and Chophouse location in Laramie.

“It’s been very well received, so that in large part is why we’re coming to Laramie,” said Rory Sandoval, owner of Accomplice and The Good Egg.

He added “preserving and restoring or re-purposing” a part of downtown Laramie was another major aspect drawing him to open a location here.

“The real, true reason as to why we’re coming to Laramie is because of the Walshes and their desire to reinvigorate that corner and re-purpose the building on Third (Street) and Grand (Avenue),” Sandoval said.

The Laramie location will not be an additional brewery but will serve beer brewed in the Cheyenne location. The primary focus is not the beer, Sandoval said, but the food at both restaurants.

“The beer is made in Cheyenne, and yes, it’s a very important part of our food and beverage program, but we’re a restaurant,” he said. “We’re a restaurant that services all three-day parts, starting with breakfast and then we have brunch and lunch and dinner through the two different food offerings.”

Many in Laramie will be pleased to hear the price points as well — Sandoval said the most expensive plate at Accomplice is $15, with most menu items priced between $6-$8.

“Another one of the main reasons why we are coming is because we feel like Laramie … would be happy to have another restaurant option that was less expensive,” he said. “That’s where Accomplice and The Good Egg come in, to go a little deeper.”

Accomplice’s main entrance will be on Third Street and Grand Avenue, while The Good Egg will have an entrance farther east on Grand Avenue. Sandoval said both restaurants will share a kitchen and counter.

Walsh told the Laramie Boomerang he couldn’t be more excited about the partnership. The building owners have been assisting with the roughly $350,000 remodel of the space.

“The Walsh and Michaud family, owners of the property, are very excited to have such a well-established company move to Laramie,” Walsh said. “Accomplice and The Good Egg will be a great addition to the downtown area and Albany County community.”

Although Sandoval is COO of Finally Restaurants Group, which owns Rib and Chophouse and other restaurants, he said Rib and Chop House is separate from his brand Accomplice as well as The Good Egg.

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