In the pink

It's that time of the year once again, when plastic pink flamingos (are there any other color, really?) mysteriously appear on one's lawn. Well, maybe not mysteriously, as it's all part of the Laramie Woman's Club "FUNraising" drive. The proceeds go to Interfaith Good Samaritan, which provides a food panty, emergency financial assistance and related services.

It works this way: After a person or property has been "flocked," an envelope is left. The recipient calls 307-272-3562 to arrange for the removal of the birds for a suggested minimum amount. (Make payment out to the Laramie Woman's Club). Then place payment in the envelope provided and tape it to the door.

However, for a nominal fee, you can literally give someone else the bird(s). The "ransom note" provided has space allowing for the next victim ... ahem ... beneficiary. 

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