Power lines

Come May 8, Rocky Mountain Power will begin a planned interruption of service, starting between 4-4:30 a.m. and lasting until (a projected) 8 p.m. An estimated 1,210 people are expected to be affected by what will be multiple projects.

According to Tiffany Erickson, a spokesperson with the utility, it is not yet known at this time what areas of Laramie specifically will be impacted.

“It’s in all over the place in Laramie, but it is coordinated,” Erickson said. She mentioned she also was attempting to get an idea from the project coordinators where and which areas will be affected.

The interruptions are necessary in order to maintain both system reliability, equipment and safety, she said while also acknowledging the downside.

“These planned outages are an inconvenience,” she said. However, she reiterated the necessity for doing so, and elaborated on one of the major tasks, which possibly is tied in with a power line. “One of the big things is replacing a switch.” She wasn’t positive and said she would do further research and reach back to the Boomerang, but she believed the switch replacement might be taking place in west Laramie.

The focus of this, according to Erickson, is making sure the power system functions, outside of weather-related events such as tornadoes or major snowstorms.

“We are constantly updating,” she said. “We maintain our system to stay ahead.”

In a news release, all steps will be taken by crews to minimize the length of interruption. However, some of the work can only be performed safely when power to the equipment is shut. The news release also states that as a precaution any sensitive electronic equipment be unplugged. It does not, however, offer advice as to what that equipment might be.

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