The big blue “On the Hook’ food truck rolled into Laramie yesterday, Tuesday, Jan. 12. Before long, a constant stream of people lined up to indulge in its trademark fish and chips — golden fried Alaskan cod and french fries. It’s the only item on the menu, although a person can order one or the other individually.

By noon, a sprinkling of a crowd began forming. Without knowing, one person approached the truck to place an order. She was screamed at by another woman who, at the time, was the sole person standing in the parking lot, for cutting in line.

Wait times were short. Within minutes of placing orders, customers had their lunches.


In 2016, two engineering students at the University of Wyoming embarked on a food truck adventure in which they brought line-caught Alaskan cod to the land-locked west. The cod is caught using a hook and line, which means that each fish is brought aboard the boat individually, and is subsequently cleaned and flash frozen. These flash frozen filets are eventually battered in a crunchy beer batter and served alongside crispy french fries. Homemade sriracha mayonnaise and tartar sauce add to the whole experience.

On the Hook now serves its singular meal across 10 different states in the west and Midwest.

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