If teaching kids is an investment in the future, providing them with a safe, functional place to learn is part of that investment. That was the opinion shared by a group of parents, educators and policymakers who attended an open house for the new Slade Elementary School on Thursday.

The new school building on East Shield Street was the result of years of planning and advocacy to gather enough money to complete the project. Now, the new school stands as a welcoming and colorful place for students to learn and grow.

Slade gym

The new Slade Elementary School features a gymnasium. While there's no eagle mural here like at the last school, there is lots of room to play. 

Slade pod

Each pod in Slade Elementary School has its own library area. The small libraries feature books specially tailored to each section's grade levels and curriculum. 

Slade cafeteria

Families tour the cafeteria of the new Slade Elementary School on Thursday. The school hosted an open house to introduce the community to the new school building.

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