• Who is currently eligible: Individuals within Phase 1b, priority group 4-6 are now able to schedule their vaccination appointment. Individuals within these groups include: people who are 65 — 69 years of age; healthcare providers, behavioral health providers, and social workers unable to physically distance and unable to provide services through telehealth; K-12 education (teachers and other school district staff); child care providers and adult daycare center providers. These individuals can call (307) 766-8222 to schedule their vaccination appointment unless already scheduled through their place of employment. Due to extremely high call volumes, individuals should remain patient and try again at a later time if their call does not go through initially.

• Who is eligible next: With current vaccine supply, it is anticipated that individuals within Phase 1b, priority groups 4-6 will continue to be the focus of vaccination efforts for the remainder of February. As Albany County receives additional vaccine supply, vaccination efforts will be expanded to the remaining priority groups within Phase 1b.

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