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Patrick Sheehy shows the lock he now uses to secure his storage unit. Unlike other locks, there is little space, if any, to use a bolt cutter to break the lock.

Editor’s note: For reasons of security the Laramie Boomerang is not disclosing which facility it is.

According to Steve Morgan, who handles public information for the Laramie Police Department, there has been recorded six burglaries since April 1, of which one involved a storage unit.

This is of small, if any, comfort to Patrick Sheehy and his wife, Wendy O’Leary, whose unit at one of Laramie’s storage facilities was broken into at the end of April. It’s not the first time it’s happened to them.

“This is the third time we’ve been broken into,” Sheehy said. He added that the previous two times were at other facilities. “A sheriff’s deputy told me yesterday there have been a number of break-ins around my end of town … including … where my storage locker was broken into.”

This was confirmed by Albany County Sheriff Aaron Appelhans.

“We have had a series of burglaries, some in the city, some in the county.” Appelhans said. “Some at storage units.”

When the burglary to Sheehy’s unit occurred is not known.

“We’ve been on the move a lot and haven’t been by our storage unit,” he said. What was stolen remained unknown this past weekend.

“Whoever came here literally dumped everything out,” said O’Leary. “We don’t even know what they took.”

By Tuesday they had a better idea what was gone.

“They took everyday things,” O’Leary said and listed some of those missing items.

“A grill, cookware, some craft items, long-handle tools, a tarp, a vacuum, brand-new luggage we hadn’t even used,” she said. “They even took Christmas items. Those probably ended up in a dumpster.”

The couple speculated who might have committed the burglary. Before discovering what was missing, they wondered whether what was stolen went to the purchase of drugs.

Since then, Sheehy went to Westbrook’s Pawn Shop to see if any of their possessions were there. However, the pawn shop was closed the day he visited. He said he planned on returning. He also conceded that whoever it was who broke into the storage unit might travel out of town or out of state to other pawn shops if that’s the path the burglar took.

They acknowledged there is only so much a facility can do to mitigate burglaries. If a burglar is determined that person will find a way. As for the couple, one of the things they noticed on other units was the type of locks used, one of which they have since acquired for their unit.

“Your best shot at discouraging lowlifes is a hardened lock,” Sheehy said. “The round kind with a very thick hardened shackle that has almost no exposure to the bolt cutter. Thieves will leave you alone in search of lower hanging fruit of which there is no shortage, by my observation.”

If anyone has information regarding this incident, they are urged to contact Albany County Sheriff’s Deputy Zeb Gladney at 307-755-3520. For other incidents, please call the same number.

For incidents within city limits, contact the Laramie Police Department. The call center number is 307-721-2526.

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