Keep Our Drinking Water Clean

We all can take a big step now to keep our drinking water clean.

The Casper Aquifer (groundwater) supplies about half of Laramie’s drinking water, even more in dry years. It also provides drinking water to hundreds of private residences just east of the city.

On Tuesday, May 4, at 9:30 a.m., the Albany County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on proposed changes to the county’s aquifer protection regulations.

Albany County Clean Water Advocates (ACCWA) believe the regulations now on the books do not adequately protect our drinking water. Some of the proposed changes are helpful, but stronger, enforceable standards are needed, with an emphasis on preventing activity likely to cause pollution.

You can be part of this process simply by supporting concepts such as “no deterioration of drinking water” or by providing detailed comments and suggestions.

The comment period is open right now and you can make comments at Click on “How Do I” at the top, then move down under “Contact” and click “Commissioners.” This takes you to another page where you click on “Contact the Commissioners” right under the bigger heading of “Commissioners.”

For more details, you may also check in with Albany County Clean Water Advocates on our website, Scroll down and look to the lower left, “Albany County Commissioners Now Taking Comments …” We’ll be updating this information as the hearing date nears.

Keeping our drinking water clean demonstrates our commitment to future generations! Please comment, or plan to attend the hearing by zoom. (Zoom information is provided on the “Events Calendar” at the very bottom of the county’s home page, close to the meeting time.)

Sarah Gorin, President

Albany County Clean Water Advocates


What? No discount?

I was excited to see the new season ski pass availability that the good folks at Snowy Range posted on their website. However, there were no discounts for university students or veterans.

Being both a UW student and a two-decade veteran, I've enjoyed the discounted season passes for the last several years, so I contacted the Snowy Range folks to see if this wasn't some sort of mistake.

It wasn't a mistake. The new management has decided that veterans and students are not worthy of a discount.

So much for any appreciation for our military service, and the exotic diet of ramen noodles that so many of us students endure to get us through these trying times. 

Fred Weems


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