David Dodson

David Dodson

Guest columnist

Undermining the status and power of Wyoming’s sole representative in Washington, D.C., is bad for business. Which is why, for the good of our state’s economy, we need to leave Liz alone and let her do her job.

By now, there’s probably not a person in Wyoming who isn’t aware that Rep. Cheney was one of only 10 Republicans who voted in favor of impeaching former President Donald Trump. Considering that Trump won 70% of the vote in Wyoming, her decision was certain to upset many of her constituents. But that was Jan. 13, and now the process is before the Senate. There is no further role for the House of Representatives, nor for Cheney.

David Dodson is a resident of Wyoming and an entrepreneur who has helped create over 20,000 private sector jobs. He is on the faculty of the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he teaches courses on small business and entrepreneurship. He is a frequent guest on Fox Business and CNBC.

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