There is a political party that will protect you before your born. It will protect your assault rifles. You want prayer back in schools? It’s got you. No government is better than big government.

See a pattern here? Did that party just happen to forget about you once you were born? What about some social programs like affordable child care or paid family leave? America now has it’s very own “mass school shooter’s club.”

That Grand Old Party will make sure no law ever passes Congress that will protect school kids and their teachers from those killers.

Why? Because assault rifle manufacturers vote with their millions of dollars. Bet you never thought that today big businesses vote millions of times with dollars to your one lonely vote. Thank your Supreme Court for that little trick. Big business voting with cash is the real voter fraud of today.

Just remember: Democracy is 1,000 times harder to find a second time. Few out there today will help you look for it.

I believe Liz Cheney from Wyoming will help you look. Or better yet, she will not let democracy get lost in the first place!

Roy Bane

Albany County

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