Simple solutions to major problems

Wyoming Bars Shrug Off COVID-19 Orders? (Dec. 18 headline)- Is so then a law should be passed allowing healthcare workers and hospitals to refuse service to anyone who has knowingly and willfully refused to follow the requested basic procedures such as distancing and mask wearing. If the individual seeking help from already over-worked and endangered nurses and staff has been known to be an anti-masker or believer that the whole world wide pandemic was been a hoax and they get ‘infected’ by this imaginary disease then there should be no need to treat or baby him/her.

Russia wants to play computer footsie with our government institutions? Ban the shipment of our recently ordained COVID vaccines to them. We’ll then see how well their readily developed vaccines work that miraculously appeared so soon after it was realized that billions could be made with cheap imitations.

Trump refuses to leave the White House- Do what landlords all over the U.S. are doing to their inhabiters who have run out of finances- turn off their water, gas and electric. Let’s see how long the Pampered POTUS lasts without the basic necessities he has always been accustomed to.

Roger Freed

Jackson Hole


The piece in Wednesday’s Dec. 23, 2020 paper by Patrick Ivers is so over the top I believe I must respond.

I could argue that the logic and conclusions he draws are as much religion as that which he attempts to debunk. But being that belief systems begin in the heart and his heart appears to be fixed I suspect it would be unproductive for either of us.

My issues with this piece are not of a religious nature but issues of respect and common decency. A rather large portion of our community hold views that “The Christmas Story” is a real event that is a cornerstone of our faith.

It is each person’s right to believe whatever they wish and I support that option. It is also not an absolute right to be shielded from the questioning of your faith.

However it is reasonable to expect that others of good conscience would refrain from gratuitously poking people of faith in the eye at this time of their celebration. To do so speaks volumes about the hearts of those who have done so; to have done so just before the celebration of a key Christian belief reveals much of the judgement of not only Mr. Ivers but the Boomerang also. The publishing of Mr. Iver’s piece at this time of joy for Christians does not speak well of either. I cannot speak to Mr. Ivers as I know little about him but the Boomerang can do much better.

PS: After my first draft of this letter I received a reply by the editor of the Boomerang. In it he outlined several problems he had with my letter. In the communication he admitted to being “A feisty old coot” and the communication was frank and direct. While I still disagree with some of his conclusions I was very impressed that he took the time to thoughtfully lay out his case. Only time will tell but find that I actually have hope that he will turn the Boomerang into a first class paper.

Arthur Jordan


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