Wyoming has a proud moment here.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney is one of two Republicans serving on the Jan. 6 Committee. Thursday night, at the first of several televised hearings, she demonstrated that she is willing to look evidence in the face and define the horror of Jan. 6, 2021. accurately: a seditious, violent attack planned by Donald Trump and pointedly encouraged by Donald Trump.

It was an orchestrated attempt to reverse the will of the people and stop the legal transfer of power.

Trump’s outrageous lies about the outcome of the election had been spurted out like silly string across social media for months. He persisted, against the urgent advice of his top advisors, who knew that he had lost.

So why is Rep. Liz Cheney not playing it safe in an election year? Has she lost her knack for reading the mood/mob opinion of other Republican congress members? Of her fellow Wyomingites?

No, she reads all the noise loud and clear, but for her, unlike most Republican “leaders” and sadly their followers, the truth is glaringly obvious. She refuses to cave in to trashy, baseless conspiracy theories — lies.

On this piece of history, she is just plain correct. Thank you Liz Cheney for showing more spine on this pivotal issue than any of your cohorts.

I challenge unbelievers, including Harriet Hageman, to watch and listen to the next televised session of the findings of the Jan. 6 Committee. (Not on FOX; look for a news network). It’s Monday, with live testimony by Capitol police officers, up-close videos of the attack, recordings of interviews of insurrectionists and findings of months-long planning.

And of course, that morning’s speech by Trump, which shall live in infamy.

Wendy O’Leary


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