Editor’s notes: Today’s edition of the Laramie Boomerang contains the final letters to the editor from the community with topics about political candidates on the ballot for the Nov. 3 General Election. This is to ensure fairness as there will not be adequate time for rebuttal of opinions to be submitted and published before the election. Also, letters to the editor submitted from candidates on the ballot will not be published as free campaign advertisements before the election.

Because of the recent increase in the volume of letters to the editor, more approved letters on topics outside of the election will be published during the next week on the Boomerang’s opinion page.

I’m not herI am writing because of the phone calls I am receiving and the questions from friends that I am being asked about the “Voting For…” letter in the Sunday, Oct. 18 editorial page.

The person who wrote that letter is not me, and although we apparently share the same first and last name, and the same political party affiliation, we surely do not share the same political opinions.

She and I agree on many of the positives for which we are both voting, but we do not agree on which presidential candidate can best accomplish those objectives.

The “other” Mary Benson is obviously a Donald Trump Republican. I am a “Senator Frank Barrett, Senator Cliff Hansen, Senator Alan Simpson Wyoming Republican; a Republican of the “old school,” to which Senators Barry Goldwater and Howard Baker also belonged, the sort of Republican who believes in across-the-aisle collegiality.

Therefore, I am a Republican who is voting for Joe Biden (Go online and read his May 17, 2015 speech to the graduating class of Yale University). I urge other Republicans to join me in voting for the Biden-Harris ticket.

One cannot put a fox in charge of the hen house and expect we “everyday people sort of chickens” to survive COVID-19, or without affordable health insurance, anything else.

Mary Bunce Benson


Concern is deepI am a lifelong Laramie resident and a retired registered nurse.

I am writing this out of great concern and fear for the future of the United States.

I am deeply concerned about Donald Trump’s assault on the Affordable Care Act which will adversely affect many Americans.

I am deeply concerned by the Trump Administration’s denial of systemic racism in the US.

I am deeply concerned about the needless loss of lives from police brutality.

I am deeply concerned about the needless loss of lives as a result of Donald Trump’s denial of the severity of the coronavirus crisis.

I am deeply concerned about our national security, as Donald Trump alienates our allies and befriends our adversaries.

I am deeply concerned about his blatant disregard for the safety of our troops.

I am deeply concerned about his blatant disregard for human lives with his immigration reform and appalled by the separation and deportation of families.

I am appalled that he ordered the clearing of peaceful protesters with tear gas for a photo op in front of a church holding a Bible.

I am horrified by his unfounded statements that mail in voting is fraudulent.

I am horrified by his blatant disregard and disrespect for Ruth Bader Ginsburg by rushing to appoint a Supreme court justice before the election, clearly to support his own agenda.

It is quite apparent he serves no one but himself. His leadership style mirrors that of a schoolyard bully – attacking anyone who disagrees with him, shifting blame and shirking responsibility. I would not accept that behavior from my own children or grandchildren, much less a leader.

I want a response to this letter explaining why you accept this behavior from the President of the United States. Please help me understand. I am sincerely appealing to your sense of decency, intelligence, and your commitment to your constituents when I ask you not to support Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 Presidential election. Donald Trump is incompetent and morally bankrupt. Please do not let him represent you or our nation any longer.

Jane Lentz Gonzales


Support for Jones and RichardsonAs we approach our local elections, I watch the current county commissioners and candidate running for a seat, and I wonder where is the candidate?

I see Terri Jones out in the county trying to assist with the needs and to answer questions of the displaced residents due to the Mullen fire. I see her weekly in and around Albany and Centennial area trying to lend a hand.

Where is the candidate? Nowhere! Where are the other commissioners? One is also out here providing facilities for the camps and base stations.

Where is Gosar? The Democrats campaign they care about the regular people, but neither the candidate nor sitting commissioner Gosar can be found giving care. Why? Because of elitist attitudes? I do not know.

But I do know our County Commissioner Terri Jones is here to support us. She is also out in the county when there is no fire, I see her all year every month at the very least, asking and answering the needs and concerns of the County residents.

Where is Gosar? I have never seen him in Centennial.

Heber Richardson and Terri Jones do work for the people all the time, not just when voting season is here.

Vote wisely or the County’s future is at your voting peril.

Mike McShane


Protect our rightsIn my July 26 letter, I cited all the peer reviewed scientific research indicating that wearing masks (other than N95 and above) do nothing to prevent the spread of viruses. Some feelings were hurt but there were no evidence-based rebuttals to my letter.

Since then I have read and listened to pronouncements by Gov. Gordon, Dr. Harrist and Dr. Fauci trying to ascertain what research they are relying on when advocating the wearing of masks, but they never cite any. Why not?

Recently, a community-wide mask mandate was narrowly defeated in City Council when the outcome should never have even been close. The first responsibility on any government is to protect the rights of its citizens. We must ensure that this mask mandate never comes before city council again by voting for Heien/Summerville — Ward 1, Hale/Andrews — Ward 2, and Gabriel — Ward 3.

Richard Hubbard


Support for AndersonI am advocating for the election of Jalyn Anderson to the School Board. I have known Jalyn for almost 10 years as a physical therapist, athlete and mom to her daughter.

In her professional role, she spends a lot of treatment time with each patient and discusses not only their health but also a myriad of other topics. During the COVID pandemic, she has heard concerns and shared her thoughts about the school district’s reopening plans. Through these discussions, several patients and friends have encouraged her to run for the school board because of her great ideas, her ability to get consensus from people with opposing viewpoints and her desire for transparency.

Some of her ideas include exploring a social emotional learning program for the students, teachers and district administrators; a concussion policy for student athletes, and an incentive program for teachers.

Jalyn Anderson would be a great asset to this organization because she is objective, willing to listen, personable and will educate herself on the issues to help make informed decisions. She is passionate about making a difference in the community through serving on the School Board. I hope you will join me in voting for Jalyn this November.

Teresa Nealon


Voters are pulling the handle!Did you hear it? The toilet handle has been pulled! The 22,000 plus lies to the American people are now spinning. America’s embrace of the world’s worst dictators is spinning.

The betrayal of our allies like the Kurds is in there and spinning. The mistreatment of poor families who just want a safe and better life now sitting outside our southern border is in there. A U.S. Senate that permitted a traitor to remain in office is spinning. The evangelicals that want to hurt poor women by forcing them into the back alleys for unsafe abortions are spinning. Finally, the man that calls our war dead losers and suckers is spinning right in the middle of all his mess!

One can only hope we don’t have to use a plunger and pull that handle a second time to rid us of all this mess. If we need more help the families of over 220K COVID-19 victims that watched their government’s incompetence take their loved ones lives will help pull that handle as many times as is needed!

Roy Bane


Support for Ben-DavidI’ll get right to the point. Wyoming is in a world of hurt right now, and our country is facing extremely difficult issues, including a world-wide pandemic, an economic morass and unprecedented threats to the integrity of our democratic system from external bad actors. We need true leaders representing us in Congress; leaders who are willing to confront these (and other) issues regardless of party. Now more than ever, we need Country over Party!

This is the time for blunt, honest talk. The last thing we need to do is elect tired retreads who’ve already had their shot and failed. Yes, I’m talking about Cynthia Lummis – but don’t take my word for it, take hers. She herself said, “When I was in Congress, I only got one piece of legislation passed…eight years, that’s all I got accomplished? It’s frustrating.” In their only debate, when challenged, Lummis repeatedly offered two words: “No rebuttal”. This is incredibly insulting to the citizens of our state, who deserve answers and to know where their elected officials stand.

‘Nuff said. This is not about party (we’ve had quality leaders from both parties in the past). That’s what Lummis is counting on, and that’s what politicians want you to believe when they have nothing else to offer (after all, you could argue that one party has controlled our state for years and look where that’s gotten us). It’s about people and leaders. Merav Ben-David is a scientist and UW professor who will tackle tough issues and do what’s best for Wyoming heading into a murky future.

Lummis had her chance. 8 years of a chance. The hard truth is she was a “nobody” in Congress and got nothing done. Why would Wyoming want to send her back for more of the same?

Change is hard. Changing old habits is hard. But nothing will get better unless we look forward to new leadership. Merav Ben David is a leader who can make a difference. Elect Ben David to the United States Senate.

Gary Trauner


Support for Bittner, Johnson, DeemI will support two candidates in Area A: Mark Bittner and Jamin Johnson, and one candidate for the At-Large seat, Denise Deem. I support these candidates because they have what I believe is the trifecta of qualifications for this position.

First, all three have been long standing members of this community and have proven themselves dedicated to the well-being of the citizens of Albany County.

Secondly, these candidates have all had, or currently have children come through the ACSD No. 1 school system. Their personal experiences as parents has afforded them a better knowledge of how our district interacts with families and students, how it supports them, and where improvements could be made.

Thirdly, these three candidates do not have personal agendas, grudges or bones to pick. They are not interested in “righting old wrongs” and do not come to the table with preconceived notions about the district’s past administrations or operations.

Both Trustees Bittner and Johnson have proven themselves during their tenure as board members to be prepared, thoughtful and contributory. Their participation and viewpoints have contributed greatly to the work of the board and the respectful discourse that occurs during our meetings.

Deem has served on several boards and most of them have directly impacted youth in Laramie. Her common sense “get ‘er done” approach to things will be an asset to the school board. All three of these candidates are respected in our community and are respectful in their interactions with others.

These candidates need your vote — only the top three candidates in Area A and the top one for the At-Large seat will serve on the school board for a four-year term. Be thoughtful when you make your decision about this office, especially now as budget cuts will be certain to come to education. Choose candidates who are going to have creative problem solving, forward vision and the courage to boldly face the challenges ahead, who will weigh issues of equity and support best practices; that will do what is best for ACSD No. 1 Students, Faculty and our entire community.

Karen R. Bienz


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