Wind ProjectThe billboard on 3rd Street proclaims that Vedauwoo tourism will be “forever ruined” if the Rail Tie Wind Project is built. Interesting, because the turbines wouldn’t be visible from Vedauwoo, except perhaps if one was perched on top of the highest rocks.

If the NIMBYS opposing the wind project truly cared about preserving Vedauwoo, they should direct their attention toward addressing “wreckreation” and limiting human impacts on the entire Pole Mountain Unit of the Medicine Bow National Forest. Dispersed camping, trash, human waste and off-road driving are pronounced. With the Mullen fire burning nearly half of the Snowies, a bigger human imprint will be concentrated on the Pole Mountain Unit. I am not against tourism, but attracting more people can have serious consequences on our natural resources.

This same group wants to “Save Ames Monument.” I wasn’t aware that it needed saving but it is surrounded by acreage with “for sale” signs. Maybe they should raise funds to purchase this open space they so much want to preserve. They apparently have no objection to the insidious development of small acreage for houses on land forever removed from agricultural production and wildlife habitat. As deemed by the author Lee Pitts, they are the “watermelon people”: green on the outside and red on the inside. By contrast, the wind project would disturb about 2% of the land leased. It will remain in production and provide adequate wildlife habitat and wildlife corridors. Only the prairie will be developed.

Private property comes with rights. Government can only take rights because of health, safety or welfare concerns. Current setbacks of roughly 2/3 of a mile are more than adequate by any standards. This is a clean, green project that will create many well-paying jobs and give the city, county and the State millions in tax revenue. Let the wind blow and the electrons flow.

Lynn Woodard

Tie Siding

Please explain to me whyI got up early on Sunday, Oct. 25. I was going to rake my leaves, but woke up to no power. To be specific: no lights, heat, internet, TV, and the most upsetting, no coffee. Also, my garage door wouldn’t open and I couldn’t lift the door manually. This was a useless effort, because the snowdrifts (so much for raking leaves) in my driveway prevented me from going anywhere, even if I tried.

Six hours later, my power was restored. Amazing for me, but I was able to re-program my TV and my computer. However, after I got home from work on Monday, my power went out, again. Luckily, my flashlight was handy.

On Tuesday, I received an email from a friend who has COVID. She suffers from chills and a high fever. Having no heat wasn’t easy for her.

With all due respect, I commend Rocky Mountain Power for restoring power, but two days in a row in temperatures -26 degrees below zero was difficult to handle. This was hard for everyone that was impacted, but especially those who are ill.

Someone please explain to me how this could happen from a utility company that we depend on. If I’m ignorant, please let me know and the reasons why.

Nancy J. Fletcher


Whom should you trust?My question to all; if your child has a high fever, or you or your loved one is having chest pain, or an uncontrollable cough and fever, do you call your city, state, or national politicians? Probably not.

If you choose to get your medical advice and recommendations from politicians rather than from the hard working doctors, nurses and all the other personnel who help them function, then, unfortunately, the professionals that take care of you are forced to bear the burden.

They have to clean up the mess of ill-informed, unqualified politicians spewing disinformation about a scientific and medical subject. We are living in a pandemic and these brave responders are being put in a position of exhaustion and risk to take care of you, your family and the nation. They are also dying for the so-called “freedom” seeking of others that don’t have what it takes to respect and protect their fellow citizens.

I, for one, will ignore the disinformation and even the unbelievable call for herd immunity tactics — even the medical profession has their outliers — from Dr. Atlas, the radiologist who thinks he is an epidemiologist for example.

I will call and listen to the experts: scientists in the field of public health and epidemiology and my doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. My hope is that you will too.

Wake up and realize that almost all medical people are caring practitioners, dedicated to science, your health, and the health of the nations.

Be safe, caring of others and wear your mask,

Lorraine Saulino-Klein


More tests equal higher statisticsOn Oct. 24, the Boomerang published an article by Jeff Victor pushing fear of SARSCoV2, based on a shallow view of statistics and arguments-from-authority. While it’s easy to cite the rising number of “cases” listed on Wyoming Department of Health’s misleading “Map and Statistics” webpage, it’s more difficult to click the tiny-font “Testing Data” link, which makes it clear that our county has so many cases because we are undergoing so much testing.

In fact, Albany county is among the lowest rates of positive-results-per-test in the state. Amid the noisy data plagued by obvious procedural artifacts, you can see how the rapid increase of cases since September correlates with the massive increase of tests to which our university students are being subjected.

While so many are testing positive (or receiving false positive results from PCR testing, which should not be used for diagnosis per its inventor), our survival rate is well over 99% — even though the death count assumes ‘if you died with COVID, then you died from COVID.’ This disease does not warrant the panic our mainstream media hyped earlier in the year.

Laramie County — highlighted with over 1000 cases in another recent Boomerang article — is experiencing a “pandemic high of 16” hospitalizations, and the Board of Health is following suit with the World Health Organization (whose largest donor is Bill Gates, one who will profit from vaccines under the Vaccine Liability Protection Act that was forced into place with Fauci’s help in 1986) by pushing another mask mandate — just like the lockdown, a non-cure that is worse than the disease.

Our officials are spreading fear while censored groups like America’s Frontline Doctors are bullhorning the Capitol about their treatment of thousands of patients with an almost 100% non-hospitalization rate, and zero deaths. While ignoring real doctors who have pioneered real treatment, Laramie County Health Officer Stan Hartman seems poised to take away the people’s right to make our own healthcare and lifestyle choices. As our officials push their tyrannical solutions, public trust of their recommendations, statistics, and mandates will dissolve.

Lander Solon


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