I write today to report a lost newspaper, The Laramie Boomerang.

Where is the fair and balanced political reporting? Where are the stories about local happenings beyond sports? Why are most of the editorials from out of town? Where are the local voices?

In these deeply divided, politically charged times, why are you giving us anti-President Biden editorial cartoons for three days in a row? Are the people who bought and consolidated the state’s papers making those decisions? I know editorial cartoons are part of op-ed pages since forever, but those weren’t even clever or subtle. Will you also focus on the good things happening on behalf of we regular folks because of this administration?

I understand that things have changed for newspapers, that people no longer pay for classified ads when they can sell online for free. I understand that many can no longer afford to subscribe and are not happy with your confusing system of billing. I get that it’s possible to follow news in real time online and on television 24 hours a day. Because of this, we expect to find information in our local paper that we haven’t already heard.

I remember when the paper was published and printed right here in Laramie with a paid staff of reporters, ad reps, photographers, editors, columnists and pressmen who worked late into the night to put out what used to be a daily, then six days a week, now down to five. Those jobs are gone, that culture is history and that’s a sad loss.

On the plus side, it’s good to connect with other parts of our state, but not to such an overwhelming degree. I appreciate that you print articles from The Associated Press, still a trusted source of balanced, high quality journalism.

The local activities column is great, so why not explore some of those activities for stories? How about digging into the fact that local advisory boards are always looking for members? Let’s hear about who they are and how they function in our local government. How about more stories about our local health care providers working under the pressure of the ongoing COVID pandemic? Consider publishing letters to the editor two days a week instead of just Sunday so they might be more current.

And finally, a shout out to my carriers, who do the very best they can to provide me with my paper early each morning.

A free press is vital to a democracy and I’m not suggesting we cancel our subscriptions. I wish more local businesses would buy ads. I just think the Boomerang can do a better job of representing the interests of all of us who live in and care about our community.

Diana Kopulos


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