Quit blaming others by taking responsibility

In response to the anti-trapping articles that have been printed, maybe the Wyoming Fish and Game needs to hold educational seminars on how to release dogs from these vicious traps and snares. There is a girl in Wisconsin named Skye Adeline Goode who frequently releases wolves and bobcats from leg hold traps with no injuries to them. Please check YouTube for her videos if you want to see it being done.

The constant anti-trapping voice of how they bloody and maim is ridiculous. Maybe state the facts if you are writing an article, not the drama or your hate with them. I am an upland bird hunter and many states have online courses how to release pets from both leg hold traps and snares unharmed. I think the Wyoming Game and Fish needs to consider this option for all these people complaining about them. It is a three month season during the winter, the notion implied it is year-round is absurd. Maybe look in the mirror and stop blaming everyone else for your actions.

Robert Webb

Loveland, Colorado

I saw the light. Not.

The UW professors that are concerned about infrared pollution of their telescopes from the aircraft warning beacons on the proposed wind turbine towers should know that beacon lights these days are LED’s that have zero or extremely minute infrared emissions. In short: nothing to be concerned about.

Gene Roban


Everyone belongs to God

Some think that they have to do something in order to “belong” to God — as if simply being what they are is not enough. If I do such and such, “The Lord God” will approve of me and I will find salvation. I think that is nonsense in capital letters. I did not make myself. Perhaps if I did, I would need to “be approved” by someone or something else; but I did not make myself. God did — and is. Or so I believe.

I must admit that I used to believe that I had to do something to be approved by God, but in time, I came to realize that it makes no sense that such is true. The key, I think, is to realize that God has to be “Infinite” — simply because reality must be “infinite” in terms of “without end.” If something is without end, how can there be any division within it? That merely translates to God being that infinite reality without end and without division — and within that wonderful existence, there is me — and you and everyone and everything. It is as simple as that.

And isn’t it wonderful? I belong! It is what every being wants — to belong. In merely belonging, I am complete. I do not have to do anything to prove I belong. I simply belong by merely being. If everyone believed that, all strife would end. You do not need to find heaven someplace else. You have it here — and you have it now.

Quite frankly, I think that is what Jesus believed too, though many of his admirers took him to mean something else by his notion that “Heaven is at hand.” Many take that to mean something else other than Heaven is here. I guess they take it to mean Heaven is near. At hand, in that sense, simply means “near” — not present. As a (self-named) Divine Naturist Christian, I believe “at hand” means “now” and not just “near,” but as the old saying goes — to each, his or her own.

Francis William Bessler


Repealing gun-free zones

Senate file 67, “Repeal of gun-free zones.” passed out of Judiciary committee yesterday. I fear this act providing for concealed carry of weapons on K-12 school campuses and college campuses will result in more significant unintentional injury, death, and death by suicide in our state.

According to the Everytown for Gun Safety website, 45 incidences of death or injury occurred in 2020 due to guns within these zones. Children were vulnerable to someone’s intention to cause harm or mishandling of a weapon because guns were on campus. Students have unintentionally discharged firearms dorm rooms. University professors have shot themselves while in their labs.

The Senate Judiciary members said that those of us that testified were misunderstanding the bill as it relates to the allowance to conceal carry in our state. I wonder if these Senators and others of our legislature are aware that although there is a process for obtaining a permit to conceal carry in Wyoming, it is also allowed to do so without a permit. If SF 67 or its mirror bill HB 117 become law how will the monitoring of permitted carry take place?

If this bill is to become law, my sons have stated they would choose a university in another state to avoid the potential circumstances of a dorm mate having a gun with them on campus. There is also evidence that faculty members express discontent and leave when laws allow guns on campus.

Currently, the university is experiencing significant budget cuts. Please note that the University of Florida estimated in 2016 it would incur $1.1 million for increased security, storage facility and staffing, enhanced training of police staff and expanded counseling and victim services. West Virginia anticipated it would cost between $10.3 million and $11.6 million to fully implement a similar law.

Is it worth the potential flight of university-age students and faculty to states without such laws? Can our drastically reduced university budget afford these additional expenses?

If you have concerns about SF 67, please reach out to your Senator and express your concern.

Michelle Visser

Local Group Lead

Moms Demand Action


We don’t need to make voting more difficult

Our nation’s election codes need to be tweaked. But, for Wyoming legislators to again try to make it harder for us to vote and disenfranchise many citizens when there is absolutely no evidence nor even suspicion of voter fraud in Wyoming is beyond ridiculous. Our system is so safe that to change it would cost way too much and accomplish nothing. Please contact these “leaders” and have them work on some actual needs in our state. Thanks

Marian Showacre


Thank you, one and all

On March 4-5, Albany County residents received over 1,200 COVID-19 vaccinations at a rapid vaccine event hosted by Pole Mountain Pharmacy.

Volunteers administered every dose received by Pole Mountain Pharmacy in this federal allotment. Like the loaves and fishes, there were even additional doses at the end of the day, and we got all of those in arms as well.

Over 1,200 people received the vaccine. Some recipients were nervous, some cheered, and some even shed a few tears of joy. We are grateful to the Laramie community for coming out to this rapid vaccine event. Because the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine requires two doses, we look forward to seeing everyone in three weeks for their second dose.

This event could not have happened, nor happened so smoothly, without the tireless support and work of our community partners.

Ivinson Memorial Hospital and the University of Wyoming provided planning support, along with Albany County Public Health which provided expertise and in-kind support.

The University of Wyoming staged the Old Armory and the UW College of Health Sciences sent expert volunteers to ensure a successful event. Pharmacists from Quality IV Care drew up vaccine doses both days.

Dozens of volunteers worked long days at the check-in table, administered immunizations, sanitized surfaces, and directed traffic flow.

Thank you to everyone who made this vaccination event successful! We could not be more proud to be a part of this community. We will continue to vaccinate until we are all on the other side of this pandemic together.

Brett Kvenild

Pharmacist and owner,

Pole Mountain Pharmacy


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