Water is life

On Tuesday morning the Albany County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on updates to the Aquifer Protection Plan.

Currently we have wonderfully clean water from the Laramie range, the snow and rain that fall on the western slope percolate through sandstone and limestone to become an underground reservoir that almost all county residents enjoy.

The western United States is in drought due to the climate change, this will not change soon. People need to live where there is water, and are willing to travel long distances for it, and will come here. Our clean water will mean that we survive.

Now we have an opportunity to clarify the rules needed to protect this precious resource for our children, grandchildren and those after we are gone.

Please pay attention, write or call the Commissioners, attend the Zoom (link here: https://www.co.albany.wy.us/calendar.aspx?CID=25), and protect our future. Our water is our biggest asset.

Water is life.

Nancy Sindelar


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