Jennifer Kirchhoefer

When people hear we live in Wyoming, some of the first comments they make are about Yellowstone or Jackson Hole. Understandable, considering the national reputation these particular locations have for the sheer beauty, wildlife, and the fact that they are highly desirable tourist locations. Then we proudly say we chose to live on the other side of the state, near Laramie and the University of Wyoming.

It only takes a few pictures from your phone or a couple stories and very quickly people realize Albany County is a very desirable place to live and visit as well. With close proximity to downhill skiing at the Snowy Range Mountains, multiple locations offering cross-country (Nordic) skiing, and Centennial which is touted as possibly being the snowmobile capitol of the world, Laramie offers the same winter amenities as Teton County. Once spring arrives recreation opportunities expand, drawing tourists and visitors to areas like Medicine Bow National Forest as well. Enough camping and fishing areas surround this college town to fulfill the desires of any outdoor enthusiast. Considered one of the best places to rock climb in Wyoming, people come from all over the US to experience the awe-inspiring uniqueness of Vedauwoo. These ancient Sherman granite rock formations soar up to 500 feet in the air starting at an altitude of 8,200’. Whether mountain biking, hiking, or climbing to the top, the scenery from the this summit is truly epic with views across the plains spanning up to 75 miles South and West under the expansive Wyoming Sky.

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