In this age of Zoom public meetings, it was announced last week, that Houston wind energy company ConnectGen will be hosting two “public” meetings this week to share information about their proposed Rail Tie Wind Project near Vedauwoo. Many important hurdles are ahead of the project including county applications, Wyoming Industrial Siting Commission applications and convincing the Laramie area residents that this is actually a well sited project. Most of their effort has been directed at encouraging the public leaders to “sell their soul” to receive promised millions of dollars to help balance budget shortfalls the county is sure to see in the next few years.

Trust me that these meetings will be locked down propaganda pieces to help garner support for a project that has been controversial from the start. Over 2700 signatures have been gathered in a petition to the Albany County commissioners to prevent projects like Rail Tie from being sited in natural resource areas. The Laramie area residents group Albany County for Smart Energy Development (ACSED) has of course not been invited to present at these “public” meetings. Much like the original scoping meeting in January of 2020 the general public was not allowed to make comments.

Paul Montoya is with Albany County for Smart Energy Development. He is also the owner of Vista de la Luna Bed and Breakfast.

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