Virus groupthink has had unnecessary consequences

Government is slow. We’re slow and deliberate. It’s a good thing. It’s intended to be this way to protect individual liberties from ill conceived or unconstitutional public policy.

With respect to Covid 19, we’ve gone too far for too long. We’re suffering from a severe case of groupthink.

Nobody wants to be wrong.

When Georges Clemenceau took the French Presidency, he famously said, “War is too important to be left to the generals.”

The French Army’s officers suffered from severe groupthink in the first stage of World War I. The military experts nearly lost France the War.

Clemenceau’s willingness to question expert groupthink saved France.

Government health officials easily see the public health aspects of Covid 19. They issue guidelines accordingly.

Myopic groupthink is making it difficult for health experts to see the unintended consequences of their recommendations, and weigh them against the intended ones.

I see people wearing masks by themselves in their own cars, homes, outside gardening, playing golf, riding bicycles. Is this a misunderstanding of the advice of health policy experts?

Many of us will feel betrayed and untrusting when we realize we’ve gone through a poorly informed, unnecessary exercise of health and safety at a very high cost.

Some trust the government more than they should. They cannot or do not differentiate the sources of information contributing to their understanding of Covid. They’ll blame their misunderstandings on the government.

It’s important for the general public to understand that the health authorities don’t necessarily put out balanced, all inclusive, flawless information. Many requirements are impossible to implement.

Governmental advice on Covid is blunt force trauma for the masses. It is particularly unworkable in tech, medical, sports, education, law enforcement, entertainment, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, tourism, retail sales, most services, office environments.

That’s basically everything but agriculture, construction, mining, logging, and yard work.

Physicians are learning quickly that inexpensive, early therapeutic interventions drastically improve the outcomes for Covid 19 patients.

These proven treatments aren’t influencing public policy guidelines quickly enough. The results for individual people are ugly.

Each of us has to decide where we fit on the spectrum of risk to Covid 19 and act accordingly.

It’s time to start living, learning, loving, and doing business more like we did before Covid 19.

Heber Richardson

Albany County Commissioner

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