Harlan Edmonds FC

Harlan Edmonds

Wyoming columnist

One of the few things a lot of Americans seem to have in common at the moment is the notion that the Republican Party has become the “Party of Trump.” The sooner Republicans repudiate this nonsense, the better. Because Democrats never will. Indeed, Democrat leaders have gambled their party’s future that they can somehow establish terminal Republican Trumpification as the central political certainty of modern American history, and thereby, as permanent justification for anything they care to try.

None of this is to say Republicans shouldn’t celebrate and defend President Trump’s many and unprecedented conservative accomplishments. We should. But that’s not the same thing as defending the timeless truths, immutable principles, and proven values that form the foundation of our constitutional Republic. Nobody owns these blessings of our civilized inheritance. They own us.

Harlan Edmonds’s columns appear upon occasion in the Laramie Boomerang.

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