I have to agree with Liz Wheeler of One American News Network that the Left and the National Democratic Party are two of the most destructive forces in the country and the No. 1 enemy of Americans.

The Left and the Democrat Party hate the flag; kneel for the Anthem; berate the Constitution; ban prayer from schools; remove Nativity scenes from city hall lawns; and demonize tax cuts, the wealthy, the successful and police officers.

They exploit minorities, promising to help them, but never doing anything to actually help them. They praise the killing of unborn children, yet pretend outrage at “ripping children from their mothers” at the border.

They funnel money to terrorists (Iran) who have sworn to conquer America. They praise socialism and disdain capitalism, stating government can produce a superior economy to the free market.

They boast free speech, but work tirelessly to silence conservatives on college campuses because of what they call hate speech; all the while providing “safe spaces” for their liberal students, knowing that the words they themselves spew is the hate speech of which they speak.

They employ science, hoping to disprove the Bible, labeling Christianity as a mental illness, ignoring the science that demonstrates only two sexes (male and female), yet saying transgenderism is science.

Anyone disagreeing with them is labeled myriad insulting names, such as intolerant, all kinds of phobics, bigots, etc. They (Antifa, Hollywood/etc.) pepper spray, fight with and threaten their opponents; throwing rocks, bottles, etc. at police; riot, vandalize property, burn buildings, cars, break windows, talk about assassinating the president and blowing up the White House; yet talk about love, acceptance, tolerance, inclusion, etc.

Are all Democrats like this? No, especially not in Wyoming.

However, the Washington leadership and power brokers (Soros, Maxine Waters, etc.) instigate this type of mindset and behavior, hoping to overthrow the U.S. government by impeaching President Trump. No wonder America is in such a mess, and the #WalkAway movement from the Democratic Party is growing by leaps and bounds. Check it out – #WalkAway. This midterm election, listen to One American News and vote Republican.

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