Robert, 17, is very outgoing, with a wonderful sense of humor! You can often find him on the basketball court or throwing around a football.

Colton, 17, enjoys making friends wherever he goes! A talkative fellow, he appreciates conversations with others and walking around the mall. Dining out for a meal is always a top choice for C…

Jaynia’s favorite style of music is one that “makes her laugh!” She would tell you her favorite song is “The Gummy Bear” song. Jaynia, 15, prefers daytime rather than nighttime, and her chosen…

Alex, 12, has a passion for soccer! This athlete has the energy to spare for scoring goals on the field and working together with his teammates to ensure a successful season.

Jordan, is a funny, helpful and loving child! Gliding around on his scooter and showing off his skateboarding skills brings a smile to his face. Jordan also enjoys playing video games in his f…

Kila, 15, is a talkative girl who enjoys visiting with others. When she isn’t sharing in conversations, she delights in making lists of things to discuss in the future and dreams she wishes to…

Get to know more about Ja’Leah, 7. Musical toys are well-enjoyed by this girl. One of Ja’Leah’s favorite ways to relax is curled up in her favorite blanket while sitting close to a trusted adult.

Vance and Angela Streyle of Cheyenne are pleased to announce the recent engagement of their daughter, Shaina Grace, to Royce Daniel Fertig, son of Ray and Catherine Fertig of Cheyenne. Read more

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We get it. You want nothing more than to fire up the grill, crack open a cold one, and have all your friends and family over for a good, old-fashioned cookout this Independence Day. You’ve all been apart too long, and the holiday seems like the perfect chance to gather again. Read more

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Race is much on America’s mind now, in all the myriad ways it shapes our lives, whatever color our skin might be. It also lies at the heart of Brit Bennett’s moving and insightful new novel, “The Vanishing Half,” the story of twin sisters who choose to live their lives as different races, on… Read more

Jim and Angie Rayls are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this week. The pair met through family friends and married June 24, 1960, at Pleasant View Baptist Church in Natural Bridge, Kentucky. Read more

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Pride Month is about much more than a rainbow flag. This year, many members and supporters of the LGBTQ community are reminding others how Pride began – a protest and eventual riot not unlike the scenes that have dominated the news cycle throughout this month. Read more

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We don’t think much about pirates, and when we do they’re watered-down versions of the real thing, inspirations for goofy movies and theme park rides and, locally, for a big family-friendly parade with the slightest naughty, noisy edge. Read more

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The last time Yonder Mountain String Band played together March 12, the U.S. was a different place. Most of the country didn’t own a cloth mask, there were no medical tents in New York’s Central Park, and the late-night talk shows had just announced they would pivot to taping shows without a… Read more

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Tiger Woods, much like Michael Jordan before him, once occupied a unique space in the American sports psyche. He was an omnipresent figure who a captivated audience watched under a microscope for decades, but about whom relatively little was known beyond his athletic excellence and a careful… Read more