For Giovanni, 13, who likes to go by Gio, there would be nothing cooler than being like Batman! If this teen were given superpowers, anything that “the bat” could do would be right up his ally.

This affectionate girl is Tori, 15. Get ready to open the game cabinet and spend hours playing Monopoly, Life and Trouble, as she delights in playing board games. Another activity she is fond …

Take a moment to learn more about Allen, 14. From small to large, when there are opaque spheres of bubbles floating in the air, there is sure to be a smile on his face. Bright colors and music…

This charming boy with a smile that lights up a room is Zyrell, 11, who likes to go by Sonny. Remaining physically active is important to him, and he is happiest when he is riding his bike, sw…

Tanner, 10, is an “all-in” kiddo who is committed to his goals! Staying active is an important part of his routine, and he enjoys outdoor activities like riding bikes and hiking. Tanner also d…

Learn more about the soft-spoken Charity, 17! For this caring and easygoing young lady, there is nothing better than one-on-one time with those she cares about most. Spending time with friends…

Take a moment to learn more about Allen, 11. From small to large, when there are opaque spheres of bubbles floating in the air, there is sure to be a smile on his face. Bright colors and music…

Here’s a list of movies now playing in Cheyenne. Local theaters are noted at the end of each capsule. Summaries provided by the Los Angeles Times and IMDB. Read more

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It is that time of year again when the hills come alive with color. Or, at least that is what typically occurs by mid- to late September. This year, of course, is not normal. That is true in many ways, including this fall’s leaf peeping season. Read more

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Lauren Springer wrote a book in 1994 based on her Colorado gardening experience a few years after moving from the East Coast called “The Undaunted Garden: Planting for Weather-resilient Beauty.” The popular and revised second edition came out in 2010 under the name she used for a few years: … Read more

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Canada is happy again. It was not happy in December 2017 when the solicitor of the U.S. Department of the Interior reinterpreted the U.S. Migratory Bird Treaty Act so that it allowed industry to accidentally kill birds without any penalty – including birds that spend summers in Canada. Read more

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September evening skies are a mixture of the summer Milky Way still found overhead and dominating the western sky with the dimmer and less obvious autumn constellations found in the eastern sky. High overhead is Cygnus and Lyra, both of which contain two stars of the Summer Triangle. The thi… Read more

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On Sunday, the draw-dropping docuseries “Love Fraud” drops on Showtime, following the exploits of one dirty, dirty john, a notorious con artist and prolific bigamist named Richard Scott Smith, or Scott, or Mickey. Smith combined dating websites and a charm offensive to swindle women all arou… Read more

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For Louisiana detective Dave Robicheaux, the veil between worlds has always been shimmeringly thin. Whether it’s a pirogue bearing the smiling ghosts of his parents down the bayou or a troop of boys in butternut from a war lost a century and a half ago marching out of the mist, he takes the … Read more