A Child Waits 1-11-20: Damien


When Damien can be outside, he loves dancing and playing with his friends! This outdoor enthusiast is happiest when soaking up the sun. If you need another player for kickball, this guy is known for his amazing kickball skills and is sure to help his team to victory.

When the clouds are out, Damien, 14, is often found playing games on the iPad or watching his favorite cartoons. Technology is a strong interest, he adores the color black and he likes eating chicken with ranch. He thrives on one-on-one attention from adults and has fun helping others.

This middle-schooler is eager to attend high school and looks most forward to taking science and gym. As a future firefighter or doctor, Damien wishes to be married and have a family when he’s older.

As an eighth-grader, he enjoys learning and being involved in his class. Art is his favorite subject.

Damien would do best in a two-parent family with pets, in which he can be the only child in the home; however, his caseworker will consider all family types. If your family can provide a patient, loving and understanding home, you are urged to inquire.

Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services. Damien lives in Nevada. Child ID: 209279

Child profiles are provided by The Adoption Exchange at www.adoptex.org. For more information about waiting children, contact the Exchange at 800-451-5246.

An approved adoption home study is required to be considered for placement of a child. Children can be placed across state lines, so Wyoming families are encouraged to inquire, regardless of the child’s current state of residence.

For information about becoming an adoptive parent, contact Wyoming Children’s Society at 307-632-7619 or visit www.wyomingcs.org.

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