A Child Waits-Makayla

A Child Waits-Makayla


This teen, known for her fun personality and love of Panda Express, is Makayla, 16.

A social girl, spending time with her peers always brings a smile to her face, and she enjoys participating in the Young Women’s group through the LDS church. Makayla adores swimming, playing volleyball and going to the gym. When she craves a break from physical activity, playing video games is sure to do the trick.

Black and red are the best colors, in Makayla’s opinion. Like other teens her age, she is eager to turn her driver’s permit into a license. Makayla aspires to become a CNA when she’s older.

As an 11th-grader, she enjoys participating in class and school activities.

Makayla would like a family with pets, especially a dog. If you can provide a loving, patient and consistent home, you are urged to inquire. She has significant connections she will need to maintain following placement. Her case worker reports that Makayla is eager to find a family and has already started to contemplate changing her name.

Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services. Makayla lives in Utah. Child ID: 208168.

This is a legal risk adoptive placement. Placement can only occur with an approved preadoptive foster family who intends to adopt the child if reunification is not possible and adoption becomes necessary. In legal risk placements, the rights of the child’s birth parents have not yet been voluntarily or involuntarily terminated.

Child profiles are provided by The Adoption Exchange at www.adoptex.org. For more information about waiting children, contact the Exchange at 800-451-5246.

An approved adoption home study is required to be considered for placement of a child. Children can be placed across state lines, so Wyoming families are encouraged to inquire, regardless of the child’s current state of residence. For information about becoming an adoptive parent, contact Wyoming Children’s Society at 307-632-7619 or visit www.wyomingcs.org.

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