CHEYENNE – The following people had filed for political offices that affect Laramie County in the Aug. 18 primary election as of Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday’s filings are marked with an asterisk:

U.S. Senate, Republican: R. Mark Armstrong, Michael Kemler, Cynthia Lummis, Star Roselli, Robert Short*, Josh Wheeler

U.S. Senate, Democrat: Kenneth Casner, Merav Ben David, James DeBrine, Yana Ludwig, Rex Wilde

U.S. House of Representatives, Republican: Liz Cheney (incumbent), Blake Stanley

U.S. House of Representatives, Democrat: Carl Beach, Carol “Kitty” Hafner

State Senate District 6, Republican: Anthony Bouchard, (incumbent), Erin Johnson

State Senate District 8, Republican: Affie Ellis (incumbent)

State Senate District 8, Democrat: Nate Breen, James Byrd

State House District 7, Republican: Sue Wilson (incumbent)

State House District 9, Republican: Landon Brown (incumbent)

State House District 10, Republican: Jennifer Burns, John Eklund (incumbent)

State House District 11, Republican: Jared Olsen (incumbent)

State House District 12, Republican: Clarence Styvar (incumbent)

State House District 41, Republican: Bill Henderson (incumbent)

State House District 42, Republican: Jim Blackburn (incumbent)

State House District 43, Republican: Dan Zwonitzer*(incumbent)

Laramie County Board of Commissioners, Republican: Rob Johnson, Taft Love, Brian Lovett (incumbent), Will Luna*, Nathan Smith, Buck Holmes (incumbent)

Cheyenne Mayor: Patrick Collins, Rick Coppinger, Marian Orr (incumbent)

Cheyenne City Council, Ward 1: Miguel Reyes, Jeff White (incumbent)

Cheyenne City Council, Ward 2: Bryan Cook (incumbent)

Cheyenne City Council, Ward 3: Michelle Aldrich, Rocky Case (incumbent), Richard Johnson*, Mike Luna (incumbent)

Candidates have until 5 p.m. May 29 to file for the primary. This list will be updated each weekday at through that date.

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