Wyoming certifies primary election results after recent record voter turnout

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming State Canvassing Board certified the primary election results Wednesday, Aug. 26, making the 2020 primary election results official.

The State Canvassing Board examined the results of state-level races across Wyoming and certified winning candidates to be placed on the 2020 general election ballot. The State Canvassing Board is comprised of Gov. Mark Gordon, Secretary of State Edward Buchanan (chair), State Auditor Kristi Racines and State Treasurer Curt Meier. Several partisan and independent legislative candidates were also certified by the board to appear on the general election ballot.

“The 2020 election was remarkable in many ways, but this election had the highest turnout for a primary in a presidential election year ever, and that is truly notable,” Secretary of State Edward Buchanan said in a news release. “I have my staff and every county clerk across Wyoming to thank for a record-breaking turnout, and for the safety and security of our voting process. We made polling places safe, and worked hard to inform voters about the security and safety of Wyoming’s voting process. Voters listened and proved that even when times are tough – perhaps especially when times are tough – Wyoming votes.”

A total of 140,042 ballots were cast in the primary election. The last primary that surpassed this number was the 1994 midterm election. Sixty-two percent of ballots, or 86,441 votes, were cast at the polls on Election Day or by in-person absentee, while the rest were cast absentee by mail.

“The rollout of new election equipment across Wyoming and in every county was smooth and a great success for voters,” said State Election Director Kai Schon.

From staff reports “Wyoming voters were clearly not deterred by COVID-19, and turned out to cast their ballots using Wyoming’s election system, which is safe and secure from end to end. Absentee voting begins for the general on Sept. 18, and we hope to see turnout just as strong as the primary.”

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