CHEYENNE – Central High School's speech and debate team attended two tournaments last weekend and won awards in both. 

The first tournament was hosted by Holy Family High School in Broomfield, Colorado. There were live events, as well as asynchronous. The students brought home 25 awards in this competition. 

Gwen Hargett won second for Lincoln Douglas. 

For the live Duo debate, Hannah Beurer and Lily Leman won first place. Ariellen Ivester and Austin Winstead took second. In the asynchronous, Julia Steele and Whitney Brooks came in first. Bree Wright and Aurora Dunning came in third, following Winstead and Ivester in fifth. 

Winstead also won first place in the live Humor debate, and Saimaa Widi placed third in Poetry.

Anu Glennie placed third in Extemp, following Madisen Laird in fifth place. 

For the Oratory category, Brooks won first place in the live event. Leman won second after Brooks, and came in third for the asynchronous. 

In the live Informative debate, Reuben McGuire took second place. Madison Laird achieved third place, and Dalton Dahlman came in sixth. The same three students competed in the asynchronous portion, as well, with Laird winning first, McGuire second and Dahlman fourth. 

Ivester took home second in live POI competition. Beurer came in fourth, and Widi fifth. Steele placed third in the asynchronous, Widi placed fourth and Beurer came in sixth. 

The second event hosted last weekend was the South Novice Debate Tournament, which was hosted by the Cheyenne South High School Forensics Team. There were only live debates for this event. 

Cathy Brendemihl won second place in the Lincoln Douglas debate. Pablo Juarez and Emily McDonough tied for third. 

Kempton Perriton won first place in Extemp, with Cooper Pigg winning third. 

Cathy Brendemihl placed sixth in Oratory, and Gabby Bolejack placed second with Audra Finnegan.

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