East Speech and Debate - Rock Springs 2018

The Cheyenne East Speech and Debate team won 1st place in 4A Sweepstakes at Rock Springs on November 2-3, 2018. Individual awards include: Jasmine Atkins - 5th in Varsity Congress; Top Speaker in Lincoln Douglas Zach Atkins - 1st in Varsity Humor Parker Bachelder - 4th in Varsity Drama; 4th in Varsity Oratory Bradey Buckholz - 1st in Novice Policy; Top Speaker in Novice Policy Marcus Burrell - 3rd in Varsity Humor Matthew Cobble - 3rd in Novice Humor Hunter Crawford - 1st in Novice Policy Grace Dahill - 3rd in Novice Policy Mack DeBono - 4th in Novice Oratory; 4th in Novice Duo Victor Dennison - 4th in Varsity Congress Connor Fertig - 2nd in Novice Triple Threat Award; 3rd in Novice Poetry; 3rd in Novice Lincoln Douglas; 7th in Novice Impromptu Gracie Fogg - 1st in Varsity Triple Threat Award; 2st in Varsity Duo; 3rd in Varsity Poetry Ally Gardner - 2nd in Novice Lincoln Douglas; 2nd in Novice Poetry; Top Speaker in Novice LD Adrian Graham - 3rd in Varsity Policy Elena Hernandez - 3nd in Novice Policy Tori Hassler - 6th in Varsity Informative Jeron Hitesman - 1st in Novice Humor Xavier Jackson - 1st in Varsity Policy Cameron Johnson - 5th in Novice Poetry Bubba Lamb - 5th in Novice Congress Kenneth Lever - 3rd in Varsity Policy Kaylee Malgieri - 3rd in Varsity Drama Aysia Marces - 3rd in Varsity Informative Saga McAllister - 2nd in Varsity Humor; 2nd in Varsity Impromptu Ginger McCormick - 6th in Varsity POI Cayden McCoy - 2nd in Varsity Duo; 5th in Varsity Drama Alexa Mejia - 2nd in Varsity Policy Ava OIson - 1st in Novice Triple Threat Award; 2nd in Novice Humor; 2nd in Novice Oratory; 3rd in Novice Impromptu Eliyah Ortiz - 7th in Varsity Informative Anna Papadopoulos - 1st in Varsity Public Forum; Top Speaker in PF; 6th in Varsity Extemp Cyrus Raine - 7th in Varsity Congress Ty Ramirez - 2nd in Varsity Policy; Top Speaker in Policy Hailey Rigler - 2nd in Varsity Triple Threat Award; 2nd in Varsity Informative Gavin Riley - 6th in Novice Extemp Jayden Roccaforte - 3rd in in Varsity Triple Threat Award; 4th in Varsity Humor; 6th in Varsity Poetry Israel Rosales - 3rd in Varsity Lincoln Douglas; 4th in Varsity Extemp Camila Sales-Salazar - 6th in Novice Poetry Tori Sanford - 1st in Novice Duo; 4th in Novice Humor Braden Smith - 1st in Varsity POI Brendan Stewart - 1st in Varsity Duo Mike Swidecki - 1st in Varsity Policy; Top Speaker in Policy Mia Vazquez - 4th in Novice Drama Anika Veltkamp - 2nd in Novice Informative; 4th in Novice Duo Will Ward - 2nd in Novice Congress Kambrie White - 4th in Novice Triple Threat Award; 1st in Novice Duo; 3rd in Novice Drama; 4th in Novice Poetry Joey Williams - 1st in Novice Drama Justin Woolsey - 1st in Varsity Duo; 4th in Varsity Impromptu YuYu Yuan - 1st in Varsity Oratory; 2nd in Varsity Extemp Jonah Zeimens - 2nd in Varsity Lincoln Douglas; 3rd in Big Questions Debate; Top Speaker in Big Question and Lincoln Douglas Franklin Zeng - 2nd in Novice Extemp Mingna Zeng - 7th in Varsity POI

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Speech and Debate Coach Cheyenne East High School

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