CHEYENNE – Cheyenne East High School's speech and debate team took first place in the 4A Sweepstakes at two tournaments this weekend. 

The team competed in Gillette at Thunder Basin High School, as well as at the tournament hosted virtually by George Washington High School in Denver. 

At the Thunder Basin event, Hunter Crawford took first for Senate, Clayton Keasling came in second, and Deacon Steiner placed third. Davin Ro took home third place in House. Keasling also won supers in the category, as well as Oakley Simons. 

Rosalie Zubrod finished second in the Lincoln Douglas debate. Rachel West took second in POI, with Dani Schulz following in third place. Schulz placed first in Drama and Poetry. West also finished second in Poetry and third in Drama.

For the Informative debate, Ella Goodman took home second. Aliyah Muzquiz and Camila Rivera tied for third in Public Forum. Rivera also placed third in Extemp. 

Alyvia Hardy and Josh Thompson won first in Humor. Hardy placed second in Humor, with Thompson following in third. 

Nico Kaus won second in Oratory, while Zcherina Villegas came in third. 

The team also took home individual awards in the George Washington tournament. 

Schulz took first place in POI and Poetry, as well as third in Drama. Ro followed Schulz in placing third in POI. Goodman took home first for the Informative debate. 

Thompson finished in second place for Humor. West also took second place in Poetry. 

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