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CORRECTIONS: The original version of this story contained several errors. It originally said the company's logo features a bear, but it's actually a buffalo. Also, the company's new Cheyenne location will utilize a 10-barrel brewery, not a 10,000-barrel brewery, and the Sheridan location uses a 30-barrel system, not a 30,000-barrel system. And the company's new location in Cheyenne will be at 520 W. 19th St., not 514 W. 19th St. The address mistake was due to incorrect information provided to the WTE, while the other mistakes were due to reporter error. The Wyoming Tribune Eagle regrets the errors.

CHEYENNE – Black Tooth Brewery of Sheridan plans to open its second location in Cheyenne’s West Edge sometime this fall, and residents can get an early taste of what’s on the way at Edge Fest next weekend.

“We’re excited to be in the West Edge,” owner Tim Barnes said. “We love the location. There’s so much happening in (West Edge). We’re happy to be a focal point of that, and be part of the exciting investment down here.”

Barnes said the new Cheyenne location, the old Pioneer Printing Building, 520 W. 19th St., will house a 10-barrel microbrewery and a taproom in the front third of the building. Barnes said Black Tooth will take about 8,300 square feet of the building’s 26,000 total square footage.

Barnes said there is still some permit and construction work to be done before Black Tooth’s Cheyenne location can start brewing and serving, but his plan is to open this fall. Black Tooth opened nine years ago on the day after Thanksgiving with a Black Tooth Friday celebration; if the opening is delayed until Nov. 1, Barnes said he’ll open the new location on the anniversary date.

While the Cheyenne taproom will open later this fall, Black Tooth beer is readily available in the Cheyenne market. A number of Cheyenne bars and restaurants have Black Tooth on tap, and the beer is distributed locally by Cheyenne Beverage, Barnes said.

It was the popularity of the beer in the Cheyenne market that led Barnes to open the second location in the Capital City.

“Cheyenne has a lot of velocity,” Barnes said, crediting Cheyenne Beverage for its help in establishing the beer locally. “We saw an opportunity in Cheyenne, and the reception we’ve seen has been positive.”

The Cheyenne location will be similar to the Sheridan location in many ways. The 10-barrel brewing system that will be used here was previously used in Sheridan before Barnes upgraded to a 30-barrel system. The opportunity to reuse such a major asset that had been in storage for four years also played into the decision to open the second location, Barnes said.

The new taproom will also be similar to the Sheridan location in that it will feature brews and live music, but it won’t serve food.

“It’s a whole other thing to manage a kitchen,” Barnes explained. “It’s hard to have a passion for both (food and beer). Food just isn’t a part of our model.”

Barnes added that food likely will be available from other sources once the taproom opens.

“As the craft beer movement has gone on, you see auxiliary businesses like food trucks get located in close proximity,” Barnes said. “We’ve seen restaurants pop up near us in Sheridan.”

Another parallel between the two locations are the buildings. The Sheridan site was first built in 1946, while the Pioneer Printing building dates back to 1948. Both buildings sit on a corner, feature big windows and have a garage door opening.

The atmosphere will also be similar: Customers will be able to watch and smell the beer brewing while enjoying live music, Barnes said.

Barnes said Black Tooth has grown into this expansion by serving its Wyoming customer base well. Approximately 85% of Black Tooth’s sales last year were in Wyoming or within a 100 miles of the state. The brewery’s slogan, Drink The West, and buffalo logo were designed to set the beer apart as an edgier brand.

“Our bread is buttered by being a Wyoming brand and a Wyoming company, and we’ve always been proud of that,” Barnes said. “The logical step is to be in the capital for a company that is a Wyoming brand.”

Jake Sherlock is the adviser and lead instructor for the journalism program at Laramie County Community College. He wrote this for the WTE as a freelance writer.

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