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CHEYENNE – A Cheyenne man accused of filming meth use around his infant son pleaded not guilty Monday in Laramie County District Court.

Christopher David Cussimanio, 26, was arrested July 5. He is being charged with child endangering around methamphetamine use. His trial is scheduled for Dec. 17.

He had allegedly taken a video of his ex-girlfriend, Jade Campbell, who was allegedly smoking methamphetamine around their child. Campbell was charged with endangering a child for having them around methamphetamine use, and her case is currently being heard in Laramie County District Court. She pleaded not guilty to the felony charge, and her trial is set for Oct. 21.

The state filed a motion to join the two cases, which the defense doesn’t oppose. This motion might affect the trial dates scheduled at this time due to Campbell’s speedy trial window being shorter than Cussimanio’s.

According to court documents:

Cussimanio tried to give the video to Laramie County Sheriff’s Department deputies anonymously via email, which resulted in Campbell’s arrest. The two were in a custody dispute over their child at the time.

Officers contacted Cussimanio to ask him about the video he took of Campbell smoking in front of their child.

Officers said they decided to arrest Cussimanio because he was in the same room as Campbell when she was smoking methamphetamine in front of their child. Officers reviewed the 911 dispatch log and found Cussimanio never called law enforcement. He also didn’t take his child out of the room where the methamphetamine was being smoked.

Nicole Hosford pleaded not guilty by way of mental illness Monday in District court to allegedly cutting a victim with a knife and hitting them in the head.

Hosford is facing charges of domestic battery, aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and unlawful contact. She is set to be evaluated by the state hospital for mental illness, after which further proceedings will be determined.

According to court documents:

Hosford had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend. During the argument, she threw several items at him, including beer cans and a makeup mirror.

She then swung at the victim with a knife sharpener before grabbing a knife from the butcher’s block and swinging the knife at the victim.

The victim was able to block Hosford and grabbed the knife, which cut his hand. Hosford also hit the victim twice on his left ear, dislodging the Bluetooth device he was trying to use to call police. When the victim tried to leave, Hosford took his truck keys.

A man accused of aggravated robbery from a 2012 case pleaded not guilty in district court Monday after new DNA evidence led to his arrest.

Jayvion Devine Seals, 27, if facing charges of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

According to court documents:

In January 2019, the Wyoming State Crime Lab was able to establish a DNA profile match from a black ski mask used in the robbery. With help from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the DNA profile matched with Seals.

Seals was brought in for questioning by Cheyenne Police, where he admitted to robbing a Loaf ’N Jug convenience store in 2012. He was arrested July 10 by the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department.

During police questioning in June, Seals allegedly told police he robbed the gas station and store with a black ski mask, red bandanna and an airsoft pistol. After the robbery, he dumped the items in an alleyway as he fled the scene. Police said this is consistent with information officers had about the robbery.

A man convicted on charges of first-degree sexual assault and second-degree sexual assault had his probation revoked on Monday in district court.

Ricky Gadbaw admitted to using drugs, which was against the conditions of his probation. His mother and father spoke on his behalf at the hearing.

His father told District Judge Thomas Campbell he wished he could have been there more for Gadbaw and told Campbell that he would help Gadbaw in whatever way he could. His mother asked Campbell to consider any programs that could help Gadbaw with drug problems.

His defense attorney, David Hopkinson, said Gadbaw had just finished serving a seven-year prison sentence. Going from incarceration to probation with no transition could be tough.

Campbell imposed a six- to 10-year sentence with the possibility of parole.

On March 2, 2012, Gadbaw was detained by police and questioned about sexually abusing his 4-year-old daughter. Gadbaw admitted to sodomizing his daughter. During the forensic interview of the victim, she told officers she was forced to perform oral sex and was sodomized on more than one occasion.

A man pleaded guilty to beating his wife and taking drugs into jail Monday in district court.

Quinton Peter pleaded guilty in accordance with a plea deal from the state. He pleaded guilty to two of the original four charges. The other charges of misdemeanor property destruction and possession of a controlled substance are set to be dismissed.

His sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 4 after his presentencing report is completed.

According to court documents:

On Feb. 26, Peter and his wife were driving home when the two got into an argument while the victim was driving. Peter grabbed the steering wheel several times and punched the victim on her head.

He then began destroying the inside of the car and broke several of its interior components. When he was arrested and brought to jail, officers found a small baggie with drugs in it after they asked him if he had anything on him.

A man convicted of kidnapping and beating a person for money had his probation revoked Monday in district court.

Arturo Gonzalez, 23, was 18 when he kidnapped a victim, beat them and then robbed them with a group of people.

Gonzalez admitted to using drugs, violating the terms of his probation. Defense attorney Diane Lozano told the court Gonzalez was 18 at the time of the crime, and a person’s brain isn’t finished developing until they’re 26 years old.

She told Campbell the proper risk assessments weren’t done by the probation department and told Campbell the department needs to do its job.

While Gonzalez was culpable, he was certainly not the most culpable of the perpetrators in the crime, but he also said Gonzalez would be “scared to death of 20 to 25 years” imprisonment, which is the sentence that looms over his head if his probation is revoked.

Campbell agreed with Lozano to imprison Gonzalez for one year, which is within his power, and then reinstate his probation afterward.

According to court documents:

On Dec. 15, 2015, Gonzalez and a group of other perpetrators kidnapped the victim to try to rob them.

When the victim arrived on scene, Gonzalez hit the victim in the back of the head. He then dragged the victim into the apartment and threatened to kill them.

The victim was strangled, bound and beaten.

Isabella Alves is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s criminal justice reporter. She can be reached at or 307-633-3128. Follow her on Twitter @IsabellaAlves96.

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