Officer Jim Eddy

Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak, left, recognizes Officer Jim Eddy as Officer of the Year during an awards ceremony at the Cheyenne Public Safety Center on Wednesday, April 17, 2019.

CHEYENNE – A 16-year veteran of the Cheyenne Police Department known to his peers for his humility and thoroughness was named 2018 Officer of the Year during an awards ceremony at the Cheyenne Public Safety Center on Wednesday.

Officer Jim Eddy, who regularly patrols the north side of the city, was honored with the award at the annual event recognizing CPD employees and volunteers who have provided outstanding service to the community and the department.

“Officer Eddy goes the extra mile not for praise and recognition, but because he feels that he owes it to the citizens of the city of Cheyenne to do the best he can,” CPD spokesman Officer Kevin Malatesta said, introducing Eddy to the assembled officers, family and friends who attended the ceremony.

Of the 184 cases completed by Eddy in 2018, Malatesta said, 117 resulted in an arrest, summons or affidavit. Eddy also uses Facebook to solicit the public for information about cases.

Eddy was clearly moved by the all the attention.

“I just appreciate everyone’s efforts,” Eddy said. “Officer Malatesta and Officer Horne were key, because they do all that publishing of my stuff on Facebook. Lots of officers have helped me in those cases. It’s not just me.”

Susan, Eddy’s bride of almost 23 years, said she “couldn’t be more proud of him.”

“It’s just great to see the community support him,” she said.

CPD Chief Brian Kozak also expressed pride in Eddy.

“He cares about everything he does,” Kozak said. “He doesn’t do it because he’s paid to. It’s because he wants to help the person he’s dealing with at the time. He cares about every victim he contacts, and he will follow that case through to make sure it has a successful closure.”

Other Cheyenne Police Department personnel receiving awards for service in 2018 are:

• Specialty Officer of the Year: Det. Zack Johnson

• Civilian of the Year: Mark Munari

• Volunteer of the Year: Sharon Cashman

• Lifesaving Ribbons: Officers Jim Eddy and Jesse Horne

• Community Service Award: Officer Becky Juschka

• Commendation Awards: Officers David Inman, Sean Smith and Larry Moniz

• Chief’s Award: Community Action Team

• Marksmanship Awards: Capt. Nathan Buseck, Lt. David Janes, Officer Lisa Koeppel, Officer Emmett Lusher, Sgt. Tim Meyrick, Officer Justin Monnett, Sgt. James Peterson, Det. Jake Reiber, Officer Jay Remers, Det. Craig Sanne, Officer Jeremiah Smith, Sgt. Matt Solberg, Officer Dan Twomey, Officer Chad Wellman, Det. Chase Wood, Officer Justin Young and Officer Ben Vapenik

• Instructor Top Shot: Officers Kevin Malatesta and Justin Young

• Top Shot: Officer Ben Vapenik

• Fitness Awards: Sgt. Zac Bentley, Officer Jim Fahling, Det. Mike Fernandez, Officer Jesse Horne, Officer Markum King, Officer Laramie McAlmond, Officer J Miles, Det. Nick Morgan, Officer Matt Ryan, Officer Haylee Sauerwine, Det. Micah Veniegas and Det. Chase Wood

• FTO Longevity Award: Officer Mic Sekerka (10 years)

• Desperado Awards: Officers Shayne Andren and Larry Moniz

• Unit Citation Awards: Officer Shayne Andren, Det. Allison Baca, Officer Jason Chapin, Sgt. Adam DeBall, CSO Guy Driver, Officer Mark Ehlman, CSO Jeff Frankhouser, Sgt. John Gay, Officer Chrystal Good, Officer Alex Huff, Officer Pat Johnston, Officer Lisa Koeppel, Officer Caresa Marino, Officer John Maule, CSO Chris McLean, Officer Justin Monnett, Officer Nick Morgan, Officer Alberto Perea, Officer Sean Smith, Officer Nick Serkedakis, Officer George Trammell and Officer Chad Wellman.

• Longevity Citizens on Patrol Awards: For five years – Lynette Edner and Anita Venneman; for 10 years – Paul Edner; for 15 years – Sharon Cashman, Binney Stevenson and Robert Stevenson; and for 20 years – DeeDee White and Rudy White

In addition to the awards, three officers received promotions: Sgt. Matt Colson, Sgt. Joann Young and Lt. David Janes.

A badge-pinning ceremony also took place for academy graduates Aaron Fiore, Joke Dekeersschieter, Brock Hayden, Logan Warren and Matthew Freeman.

New officers sworn in on Wednesday included Warren, Freeman, Alyssa Muzquiz, Abigail Brown and Katie Peterson.

Steve Knight is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s local government reporter. He can be reached at 307-633-3182 or

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