CHEYENNE – The Cheyenne Police Department has compiled the numbers for domestic violence incidents for 2019.

According to a news release, there were 292 total cases reviewed; 65 were felonies (22% of the total cases); 227 were misdemeanors (78%); there were 161 people arrested (55%); 64 PC affidavits (22%); 225 total with criminal charges (77%); 43 strangulations (15%); 112 repeat domestic violence suspects; 32 cases assigned to detectives for follow-up (11%); 238 male offenders (82%); 54 female offenders (18%); 74 male victims (25%); and 219 female victims (75%).

To further assist in reducing domestic violence, the Cheyenne Police Department also has requested funding through the Community Advocacy Response Initiative grant for a full-time domestic violence detective. The department also has implemented further domestic violence training to its officers.

One of the department’s goals for 2019 was to increase domestic violence prosecutions by 10%, and cases are still being processed through the district attorney’s office so a final number is not yet available.

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