Hand Sanitizer Causes Car Fire

CHEYENNE- Cheyenne Firefighters of IAFF Local 279 is warning local motorists of the potential danger of hand sanitizers, especially as seasonably warmer temperatures are upon us.

Fire departments across the nation are reporting incidents of hand sanitizer bottles causing vehicle fires.

“The principle is the same as the danger that clear water bottles pose,” Derek Pollnow of the Cheyenne Firefighters explained in a news release. Sunlight passes through the plastic and focuses into a high-energy beam, like a microscope lens. This beam projects onto flammable materials within the vehicle compartment. “In the picture provided, that flammable material was the door panel of that vehicle.”

Pollnow continued, “So while it is not the hand sanitizer itself, many of us are keeping bottles of it in our vehicles during these pandemic times, and that is the risk.”

Hand sanitizer also poses other dangers for everyone to be aware of. Many hand sanitizers contain alcohol, and children should be closing observed when it is being used so as not to consume. Never ingest hand sanitizer.

The firefighters union wants to remind everyone to be safe with hand sanitizer, practice social distancing and hygiene as the CDC directs, and to always be neighborly to others while the many emotions follow differing ideals during the new transitions. Always call 911 at the first sign of an emergency.

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