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Paul and Heather Dunlevy pose for a portrait in front of their new store location along Central Avenue on July 6, 2018, in Cheyenne. Moving from the Asher Building, the Dunlevys are hoping to contribute to an effort to create a "Cheyenne music row," along with Niemann Music, WyoMusic, the Plains Hotel and the old Lincoln Theater downtown. Jacob Byk/Wyoming Tribune Eagle

CHEYENNE – A pair of local musicians is taking their show on the road to a new location on Central Avenue.

Paul and Heather Dunlevy are opening a new Dunlevy Family Band Studios across the street from the Lincoln Theater at 1612 Central Ave. after spending some time in a suite in the Asher Building.

The Dunlevys will offer lessons for different instruments, such as guitar, bass and voice, and offer lessons in songwriting and performance. 

The goal is to train people in all aspects of the music industry, from musical skills to career management.

Paul Dunlevy said they’d like to primarily focus on teaching young people with the hope that they’d eventually like to put bands together to perform at local music venues.

“We’re not just teaching music. We’re teaching them how to perform,” he said. “We want to work with some local stages to give the kids some performance opportunities from a young age.”

The Dunlevys hope they can make use of their new location across from the Lincoln Theater, which was recently purchased with the intent to make it a music venue.

It’s part of an effort to create a “Cheyenne music row” along with Niemann Music, WyoMusic, the Plains Hotel and the old Lincoln Theater.

The musician parents hope they can get their five kids involved with the studio, too. All five of them are already showing interest in various instruments, Paul Dunlevy said.

“We don’t want to force our kids to do anything, but we want to encourage them and give them opportunities,” he said.

The Dunlevys previously opened up the Language of the Soul Academy of Music, but that endeavor was largely unsuccessful.

Paul and Heather Dunlevy said they thought they got too far into the retail side of the project, but they were confident that this time they would improve on the previous idea.

The Dunlevys have also tried to make strides as a musical duo, given a recent rise in popularity of husband/wife pairs in indie and popular music.

On a recent Friday outside the Asher Building, the two sat side by side, strumming ukuleles, their instrument of choice. 

They have big dreams of sharing their love of music with their own kids and other young people in the community.

Paul Dunlevy has a background in education, and Heather Dunlevy said she’s always known she wanted to be a musician, so the music studio seemed like a natural fit.

“The only thing I’ve wanted to do more than music is have a family,” Paul Dunlevy said. “Now I have both.”

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