CHEYENNE – Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr on Wednesday released a follow-up report from members of the Cheyenne Broadband Task Force.

In her State of the City address in 2018, Orr announced the creation of the committee to address broadband connectivity in Cheyenne. The memo notes CBTF’s successes, as well as identifying outstanding projects.

Noted successes include the governing body’s passage of a resolution adopting five of the CBTF’s six recommendations. Those recommendations include (1) building a publicly owned, open-access conduit network within a discrete area as a pilot project; (2) adopting a dig-once policy; (3) passing a wireless telecommunications ordinance; (4) eliminating or lowering public right-of-way access fees; and (5) building a public WiFi system within a discrete downtown area.

Since the resolution was passed on Sept. 10, 2018, the city passed the wireless telecommunications ordinance, lowered telecommunications right-of-way access fees by 70%, and built a public WiFi system in the Depot Plaza through a public-private partnership with Microsoft, Charter Spectrum, the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce and the city.

“These are all major wins for the Cheyenne Broadband Task Force and for the city’s future,” Orr said. “But we can’t stop there. We still have some great opportunities ahead.”

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