CHEYENNE – With the launch of a new website earlier this week, any Wyoming residents who experiences COVID-19-like symptoms and are unable to get testing will be able to be heard.

The site,, a volunteer open-source project, allows individuals to report their symptoms, experience and, optionally, contact information, which will be sent to the Wyoming COVID-19 Task Force and Gov. Mark Gordon.

UntestedWyoming comes within a week of the launch of UntestedMontana. This comes as Rocky Mountain states struggle to obtain test kits and track the spread of the outbreak.

Both UntestedMontana and UntestedWyoming were created by Nick Schwaderer, programmer and former two-term legislator for House District 14 in Montana. When asked about the reason for the expansion to Wyoming, Schwaderer said: “This project was built to be replicable in multiple states. Quite simply, we had an inquiry from Wyoming to launch there as well, so we did. We sincerely hope this proves as helpful in Wyoming as it is in Montana.”

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