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Chasity Jacobs

CHEYENNE – The passenger in a May high-speed chase and shootout in Cheyenne has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly admitting to her role in the gunfire.

Chasity Jacobs, 19, was in Laramie County Circuit Court Thursday to face felony charges of first-degree attempted murder, first-degree accessory to murder and reckless endangering with a firearm. She also was charged with misdemeanor possession of methamphetamine.

She pleaded not guilty, and her bond was set at $500,000 cash by Circuit Judge Denise Nau.

Jacobs and Dominique Childers were arrested May 3 after a high-speed chase and shootout along Interstate 25 and throughout downtown Cheyenne ended. Childers was allegedly driving a stolen 2016 Toyota Camry that reached a maximum speed of 115 mph while trying to avoid being pulled over on the interstate. Childers drove through downtown Cheyenne at speeds close to 65 mph, according to police reports.

Throughout the chase, multiple shots were fired at a Wyoming Highway Patrol cruiser and a Cheyenne Police Department cruiser, striking both vehicles several times. The chase ended near the Veterans Affairs Medical Center on East Pershing Boulevard after Childers was shot by Cheyenne Police Department officers involved in the chase.

Jacobs was originally only charged with a felony charge of taking a controlled substance into a penal institution, which was later dropped, and misdemeanor possession of methamphetamine. During an interview with law enforcement, Childers allegedly told them Jacobs hadn’t fired a gun, and he was responsible.

But as the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation continued to work the case, they claim to have found DNA evidence from Jacobs on a 9mm Ruger pistol and two magazines, and magazines from the other gun used in the shooting. And two phone calls made by Jacobs from Laramie County Detention Center on May 9 were recorded by jail staff, which allegedly implicated her in firing at police officers.

According to court documents, Jacobs admitted to taking part in the shooting during a phone call to a person jail officials presumed was Jacobs’ mother and a man named Andrew. She said in the recording that Childers took the charges for her even though she was also firing a gun.

“Were you shooting?” the woman presumed to be Jacobs’ mother asked.

“Yeah, but he took the charges so I didn’t get charged with nothin’,” Jacobs is alleged to have said.

In a second phone call with someone named Tyler, Jacobs reaffirmed her role in the shooting.

“Yeah, we were (expletive) shootin’ at ‘em and everything,” Jacobs allegedly said. “It was (expletive) gangster as (expletive), dude, you don’t even know.”

Later in the call, Jacobs allegedly told Tyler they used every bullet they had for both handguns.

One of the bullets Jacobs allegedly fired during the chase hit the Wyoming Highway Patrol vehicle involved in the chase. Another bullet removed from the side of a building at 509 W. 17th St. was tied to the gun Jacobs allegedly used, resulting in the reckless endangerment charge.

If convicted, Jacobs now faces life in prison for the attempted murder and accessory charges, up to a year in prison for the reckless endangerment charge and up to a year for the possession of methamphetamine charge.

A preliminary hearing in Circuit Court has been scheduled for July 26.

Ramsey Scott is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s state government reporter. He can be reached at 307-633-3124 or rscott@wyomingnews.com. Follow him on Twitter at @RamseyWyoming.

Ramsey Scott is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s state government reporter. He can be reached at 307-633-3124 or rscott@wyomingnews.com. Follow him on Twitter at @RamseyWyoming.

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